Friday, March 30, 2007

hello(: hehe. i've decided to post another photo-filled post!
cause im going out today cause there'll probably be more photos i think.
anyway, thurday was good.
and i bought another two books at kino.
CiQing(tatto, a movie starring Rainie) &
ReQing Zhong Xia(starring Yuan Chang& POP's favourite Wu Xiong >.<)
anyway, took neoprints with Gwennnn. hehe.
then we went to VCH at a moderate speend! woohoo.
cause usually we rush like mad to concerts. (:

yuxi was being so cuteee(as usual) she was like some bubbly ball.
hehe. i l ove her CHEEKS!! and... HER TOOO. (:

Kri at the background, Giselle&Yuxi

AMANDASOO. my wuzun best fren(:

XIANYY. another usherer! LOVEHERTOBITS.
Deanna(my ensemble fren).Me.Astrid astrid's being lame(: hehe

Daniella(my desk partner!) and CHERYL SEAHHHH. aka HE she's so cute.

Natty and me, hehe, she so cute.
su-lyn.me.heidi.meera. HAVOAC MAN. haha

i miss my ex-desk partner HEIDI(: lovee

my two favourite cute-sy aka usherers fren (: their cheeks. cute

feel the 2H'06 love? lovee

hehe. my favourite people(: L.O.V.E

XIANY AGAIN. she's so blurrrrr as usual.

Yinger.Me.Tricia. my fellow ensemble frens!!

Deanna(viola player!! hehe) and the 3cellists. tricia.gwen.me

TRIPLE TROUBLE! tricia+xian+me=t.r.o.u.b.l.e
who cares. i love them
woohoo. so many photos
blogger is good
camera is good
i am good
THUS i am happy(:

A photo-filled post(:
yea, now that my camera is fixed and blogger is being so good
to let me post so many pictures, im back to my photo-blog(: hee
today was long and tiring yet very funn.
well, i'll post the pictures of the VCH later on.
i feel like posting about today first.

yeaaa, woke up really late but got to school on time.
and lessons were okayy.
first period was E-maths. Mrs Ang is so super nicee(:
she got us cake to celebrate the jan.feb.march babies' birthday.
and then there was english.lit.socialstudies.
mr seow was being his weird self as usual..
and the way he stands, it's like his legs are twisted. you should see.
but his lessons are funny and entertaining enough. >.<

recess. yeaa, we had cake(:

Grace is just being herself -.- HAHA

yeaaa. the nice&big cake. yummilicious (:

Nicole(march baby) Vivien(feb baby) Michelle(feb baby) Isabelle(march baby) & ME(feb baby)

Co-form Mrs Ang& Form Ms Lau

the very cute form teacher Ms Lau >.<

the very good+nice E-maths co-form Mrs Ang >.<

Valerie&Ms Lau (:

): Valerie&Kendra THE ANTI-WUZUN CLUB FOUNDER. booo

yeaaa. mrs ang&ms lau's so nice!
A-maths was fun cause Mr Yeo's being so weird.
chemistry was really boring ):
cause i was really tired that's why.

had OBS talk. i slept throughout. ZZzzz tired
i woke up only during the sebeticals' talk(:
i so wanna go Europe!!
Concentration Camp. Mozart's apartment. woooah
then after the talk, we had the heritage tour.
somehow, everyone needed the toilet.
every toilet we went was filled with people-.-
so Justea.gwen and i rushed up to the computer clss toilet-.-


cam-whoring on the bus (:

we saw Tay Ping Hui's msg! we all claimed that he acts cool.

Daneilla(my desk partner) and Heidi(my ex-desk partner)
ohwells, i like sitting beside both people.

woohoo. i love this picture! (: love3M
look at Cheryl at the background.

Noelle(my BEST TUITION FREN! omgomg)& chilli padhi Sandra>.<

vicky.nic.mich.grace. haha

Stephanice.Joy.ME (; hehe.

POMATO SEOWWW (: loveeee

sec2H'06 love you guys to bits yeaa

GRACIEEEEE (always laugh at me one! >.<) and NOELLE AGAIN. (opps i posted twice.)
it's alright. lovee

Steph.Nic.Me(; haha. and beaver YUXI. lovee

ok. i gtg now.
i've got like 700 photos to organize. >.<
deanna, i'll post the VCH photos soon PROMISEE

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

1. my camera is fixed (like finally, oh man)
2. i have an E-maths test tml
3. im rather tired
4. weekends are coming (yeaaa)
5. im not going for Dance Dance ): sorry jinnie
6. im really excited about the Japan trip!
7. Ms Tsien freaks me out when she smiles too much
8. there's MEP tml. yea, yuxi&hil(:
9. i need to buy an ipod charger since my previous one spoilt.
Pomato not going Japan so i can't share.
10. suprisingly our conductor Mr Chan knows us by name 0.O
11. there's some concert tml!
12. im going to buy stuffs
13. i just read wuzun's blog
14. they're going to release some photos album stuffs
15. i enjoyed H.chinese lesson today :D
16. there're nice people in school nowadays. like people i use to hate? nice now.
17. im feeling rather tired
18. Noelle helped me burn an album THKS i love you so much
19. bring ILOVESUPER for cheryl seahhhhh hehe
20. read some or corner with love later

toodles. marisa's happy (:

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

eunice olsen is so bias i can't stand her
typical boot-licker. screw her

and omg, i cannot take it.
i switched off the television.

im sleeping early tonight. goodnight

Monday, March 26, 2007

hello. an exciting week ahead(:
anyway, i love rainy days! (pitter patter pitter patter)
i woke up rather late today and reached school kinda late..
but i was not cause so many other people were late too!
oh man, the rain is so heavy-.-
MG is darn cool, rainy days means late for school(:
hee. school was fun.
oh, rmb i mentioned i changed place already?
yeaa, i kinda love my seat now.
cause during A-maths, i have two tables to me and i spread
all the worksheets all around.
then i can learn maths better(: whoots.
well, honestly, time passed really fast for A-maths.
i skipped recess to pack my messy table.
and i went over to Noelle's class to talk awhile..
hehe, noelle's so super funny and so super nice!
oh and really cute too.
did i mention that she lend me Feilunhai's album?
i love it so much. really.
ignore the fact that they can't sing live, melody good, im fine.
hurhur, and we exchanged books..
i lent her Tokyo Juliet and she lent me Corner with love
(look below)
ok, i did persuade her not to buy this book since she has the vcd.
but i was wrong! really wrong..
im at Pg38 now, and it's still as nice.
ohwells, i was reading it during ensemble today..
anyway, there's this Japan trip during June..
and i think im confirm going(:
cause ying-y probably going and Nat&Deanna's going.
though im really depressed cause gwen&seow can't go.
i talked to ying-y alot in the car after ensemble.
she's changes alot. she talks alot now.
and she jokes alot too>.<
practised piano for two hours(omgomgomgomgomg)
that's like something i would not do.
i was trying really hard to get my scales right though..
now im done. and using the computer(:
im going to start on my maths later. no procrastination marisa
and did i mention yesterday night,
i slept at like three?
i could not sleep and i started making earrings for myself.
im only a begginner so i'll work hard >.<
well, i can't wait for thursday(:
there's the weird concert thingy.
but im looking forward to before the concert more..
and you know daneilla? sitting beside me?
she watched hanakimi within two days! wooooah.
and now she thinks that wuzun is cute too. thks to marisa.
oh chelsea is so super cute. and clever.
i gave her a wuzun card and it's placed in her wallet.
they were like stealing it from her. poor charles.
(thks for teaching me A-maths anyways)
Cheryl Seah came to my class and started shouting -.-
omg she's so funny. WUZUN IS BETTER THAT XIAOZHU.
and yahoo, i ordered contacts. heeee
well, what a long and random post people.
you don't have to read it anyway(:
2.make earrings
3.read corner with love
4.practise piano awhile again
5.pack bag
6.have a good night sleep
i love my mr right
mr left, GO AWAY!

Saturday, March 24, 2007


hehe. i woke up at about 10something today.
i vividly heard someone talking to my mum, my gugu's voice.
then i thought my mum was talking to her on loud speaker,
which i thought it was really weird cause it was like really loud..
in the end i confirmed that she was at my house -.-
oh man, i feel so stoopid.
anyway, i read Tokyo Juliet today and i finished it!
from like 2-5pm without stopping cause it was damn addictive(:
i could actually visualise every scene. really.
if you watch the show on youtube,
i doubt you'll like it..
but i promise after you read the book,
and i think that wuzun is still as good-looking as ever(even with long hair)
hehe, somemore in the show, wuzun is a very devoted guy,
ok, now i think wuzun should go with linyichen.
the plot is not bad,
i think im going to use it for my chinese competition..
cause other than the romance and everything,
it's actually quite meaningful (:
anyway, im obsessed with books rather than shows.
cause you see, you can finish a book in one day
but the show you'll spend like forever O.o
cause im a really anxious person,
and im really desperate to find out the ending
so i'll stick to reading books.
moreover, i get to improve my chinese too! hehe.
books im going to buy next
1.re qing zhong xia
2.ci qing
this two books first(:
oh, i finish reading ILOVESUPER( it's ILOVESUPER not ILOVESUPERSTAR-.-)
it's a nicee book..
im gonna purchase these two books at kino tml i think(:
**you know the gayy teacher(the one with long hair) in Hanakimi,
he acts in Tokyo Juliet too, as a sick but nice guy-.-

Friday, March 23, 2007

my phone bill came, it says 73 bucks.
my mum started to nag. (while i used the computer)
she started saying
"you better look at the time!"

then my brother came out and started explaining to my mum.
in the end it was only like 50 bucks.
my mum was speechless.. -.-

about 40 minutes past~
im still using the computer
she hasn't been nagging already

see what i mean?

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Yuxi
Happy Birthday to you

here are some pictures to feast your eyes in!
(i picked the best of the bests!)


Wuzun will feed you! >.<

Wuzun will hold your hand! >.<

Wuzun has words to say(:
nice? hehe.
heyo(: it's my favourite fren's birthday! (early, cause it's on Sunday)
anyway, she is the cutest fren ever!
i got closer to her in sec2 thks to flim,
she changed seats and i sat with yuxi for like the other half of the year.
you know what, i think it's actually a BLESSING IN DISGUISE.
cause she's darn sweet one and every now and then she makes you laugh..
there were times we got pissed with each other but eventually, we just forget about it.
hehe, and she lets me pinch her cheeks everytime >.<
i got her a pencil case with 'HAPPY YUXI' on it
and also a wuzun keychain so she can look at it everytime..
plus i got her a photo oh sec2H veggies with some words at the back of it
"When you are sad, i will dry your tears
When you are scared, i will ease your fear
When you are worried, i will give you hope
If you want to give up, i'll help you cope
When you're lost and can't see light
i'll be your beacon shining so bright
Whis is a myy oath that i pledged to the end
Why you may ask?
Because you are my friend."
hope she likes it(:
hehe, hope she stays happy always
and i wanna thank her so much for being my sweet fren!
you are the nicest fren who always make me laugh.
thk you so much lovee.
im really glad you are my fren!
May you have a blessed birthday
and last but not least, I LOVE YOU! (:

see, you make me laugh!

hehe, you did it again!
sec2Hveggies love you much!

and you made me laugh again(:

hehe, so cute right? (:


Chen Yuxi, MY FAVOURITE FREN(: love

im FIFTEEN and happy


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