Tuesday, October 31, 2006

haha, im going out AGAIN(:
but im very tired.
let's see, im going to vivocity later in two more hours!

i love silence.

When you board a car,
although you already know the destination
but you can never foretell what would happen on the way
how long is the journey

i suspect
was it because my journey has been too smooth
no red lights, no traffic jams

Therefore i will reach the end earlier than everyone else?

but i have no time to think anymore
i am running towards the ending line with an uncontrollable speed
hoping to complete all my promises
with no regrets before arriving

im too tired.

Dont worry whether you are able to achieve your goal
as long as you work hard towards your dream
then you should have no regrets

but if you dont have a dream

then walk uphill
try to view the world from high
you will dicover that this world
is totally different from what you have thought

look up at they sky
look at the people around you
even without a dream
at least you have responsibilities


If you're stll alive,
you have no rights to talk about regrets
regrets are for those who are going to die

im back from lovely Holloween!(:
it was one word. F U N

i thought i would be late (cause of SILENCE)
but turned out i was the earlist!
so i waited for Ruth/Xianwen...
i was kinda pissed and stuffs cause the weather was really stuffy!!):
so i was like having moodswings. aww.
but slowly, the weather cooled so i felt better
xianwen came and we talked(:
then Ruth came(:
heh, then Nat's mum came to bring us to Borders.
to meet Meera! P.S:SHE WAS WEARING A SHORT SKIRT!! *woo*
harhar, then we ate at SAKAE SUSHI
i ate this eel thingy and the bones were in my throat ALL ALONG!):
ahah, im very sad! *cries*
then we walked to THE FORUM and check out stuffs
then walked all the way to TANGLIN MALL to a party shop
bought some weird weird suffs! harhar
then we hang out and went to Nat's house!

she was so super cute when she was young la!! reallyy!
like a cute little baby laa(: KAWAII-neh
heh, then we did our nails.
to Nat&Xian: harhar, it's my first time doing tis for people so pardon me if it sucked):
haha, but i think it was quite nice!!
pictures will be posted very soon(:
(as usual, bro's laptop doesnt allow me to post pictures.sry guys)
Meera,Xian&Nat sprayed their hair green!!
heh heh, so sad Ruth did not come):
Nat's mum ordered DELICIIOUS PIZZA!!!
thks alot, it was very very nice aunty(:
she's also very cute like Nat. haha
then we took some hilarious photos!!!!
aww, so sad Ruth cannot come):

then Nat's dad brought us to the tricksortreats place(:
it was very very fun.
we went around and there were actually quite alot of people.
mostly ang mohs actually.
some people were nice but some were, nasty?

1)there was this cool BIG house with a 'maze' before you can receive ur tricks or treats!
it was so cool la! there was this masked little boy then he suddenly moved. freaky!

2)at bout later in the night, we sat down and wait for Nat's dad and this group of PURE BIMBO came over to us and was like

BIMBO:"erm, like do you know like where we can get more sweets? cause like, we only like got like seven sweets? Do you like know which direction like there'll be like more sweets?"

it was so so funny la! i mean like they were so. funny? i dunno, like is like in every single page of their dictionary. haha, but i wont say that they're mean though(: quite ok

3)we were walking down a street when this van passed by and a teenage guy was like," AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" in a really really high pitch voice and four of us practically screamed like shtt!! then he was like," HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!" super super weird la!!!. and i overheard a few bimbos(not the same as those in 2) saying," omg, can u imagine it, that guy just said happy holloween princess to us(those bimbos)?" haha. oh man, typical(:

4)i needed the toilet urgently and we were like thinking who we should ask for me to get in and we fnally mustered up the courage to ask this household. they were so nice, i went in. the toilet was cool! I MEAN like there is this motion detection which look like a skull on the mirror and if you walk in, it'll be like" I CAN SEE WAD YOU'RE DOIND HEH HEH HEH!" it was so freaky that i ran out at first la, then the woman was like," aww, dont worry. it's not gonna hurt" i felt so much better i peed

5)the bone is still in my throat and it hurts. CRIES

haha, guess wad?! my brother bought me this DEATHNOTE TIE(:
im very very very very happy!!!
but guess wad): i broke it and i cried. )':
as in seriously, i cried.
i just felt that, it's a very very very nice thing plus it's NICE(:
my brother didnt scold me(: he was like
"it's alright, tml when we go out to Topshop and buy a tie and i shall fix it k?"
he was like being so nice and i felt real guilty):

breaths in and out

okayy, stay happy, tml shopping(:
haha, anyway, pls dont mind me
Vic is gonna die in the end of the show!!
wth! how can he die? he was three more months in the show):
i love you Vic<3333333333333333333333

anon who are you?
you really freak me out.
i know you're a girl i know
but which one? ):

Monday, October 30, 2006

hello(: it's bout 10:52 in the morning
im meeting xian/ruth/nat at bout 1?
so i shall just blog awhile and watch SILENCE awhile
haha, i think i would be late XD

hmm, im going 'overseas' i think
to Genting, Sunway Lagoon and those theme parks(:
muahaha! it should be fun i think.
say whoots to eileen!!
im going to malaysia with her!!
two energy fans getting together! FUN FUN FUN
then after my brother's O's & my elder brother's school end,
i should be going to Taiwan(: SMIRKS
heehee. yea, more shopping& shopping!!!!

PS: eh, i cant post pictures cause im using my brother's laptop): sry

sometimes, i just get really pissed!
i just try to relax and try to think it as, it did not happen and all.
but, she just keeps on blabbering and blabbering. HOW DO U THINK I FEEL?
you like to make life difficult for us! everything depands on ur mood.
like WTH? im pissed do you know!

okayy, it was me being emotional.
pardon me):
okayy, i better start changing

hello, i've photos from

1.my grandma's birthday dinner
3.nanyang choral
4.alot of random stuffs

to be posted!
i hate this feeling man):
if only blogger was faster!
and time would go slower!
let me start with today's nanyang choral!

be jealous people! GOONG OST(original sound track)
not that im a fan or anything but, Regina lent it to me cause
i just like some nice songs(:

have you wondered wad if Paris went with Rosaline? (in Romeo&Juliet)


no offence but why isnt there mg? :( haha

fellow Romeo..


the gossipy group!
2nd left guy:HWA CHONG NERD! so funny!

a better view. why pants so high?


my dad's chinese name! HOE BOCK TECK(:


it's late now so i cant post all pictures!
just letting you have a gist of it!
i'll post soon!(:

PHOTOS! ahah
i kinda miss posting photos.
im making it up to all so.


my present for astrid(:

tiramisu cake +some alcohol u know!!

(notice the apple, it's a tradition!)
astrid's smiling


US(: lovelove


she's cutting the cake (with Jinnie's help!)




LOOK! taco ball cracker! yum yum!


(to view the following below, please seek parental guardian)

p.s: it's a present from xian&mei to astrid. THONGSS??

Sunday, October 29, 2006

im watching TWO shows at a time on youtube!
okayy, i take back my words, GOONG's quite nice.
my heart kinda ached when i saw that girl went to Yurl not Shingoon when both fell off the horse
harhar, Yuxi's so gonna laugh at me cause i said Goong was bad always(:


well, at least that was wad i did??
and it was good somehow(: cause i think both of them are really sweet together.
yeayea, goong's nice (TRICIA SEOW'S SMIRKING I BET)
harhar, wdvwdv(: muahaha! okayy, NEXT.

SILENCE! starring ZAI ZAI(: hottie hottie hotie!
he's super cute in the show, that's as usual but AH
im always looking forward to ever episode whenever he's in the show!
the show's like this:

this girl went out with her neighbour's son
they got into a car accident
the girl became mute but still could hear
girl's both parents died):
girl in hospital met a boy
their love blossomed(: (that boy's rich)
the boy had to go
both of them made a promise in 2006 they'll come back at some place
the boy gave her his number expects her to call
BUT SHE CANT, cause she's mute!

the boy grew up to become a CEOman
the girl grew up to, erm sell noodles?woman
the boy never change his phone number and even make it into his handphone no
then man met with the woman unknowingly in an argue(quie typical)
the man is getting into an engagment):

omg, im watching this part now! AHAH

P.S:it's the Goong person who posted the video too

Saturday, October 28, 2006

riacwell, if u realized, i've not been posting photos for the last few days(:
i sincerly apologise cause number one, my mum locked the real compuer room
number two, my brother's laptop does not allow me to post photos for some reasons!
so, i guess i'll be posting REAL photos tml? cause theory exams are over
i had it today at starhub centre. it was kinda tough though.
fingers crossed hoping i at least can pass man(:
okayy, let me talk bout today

i woke up and studied theory while watching television( hmm, not that of a help)
anyway, ate roti prata and got headed to starhub centre.
did my theory paper in like 2hr36min(:
muahaha, then my mum brought me to tuition
since i was like an hour early, she bought me seventeen&greentea(: love
so i spent the hour reading

**PAUSES! the radio is playing the GOONG song for like the tenth time?!**

i read it twice thoroughly(:
i saw some really nice fingernails tip which im gonna try tml
and i saw some nice dresses and tops though
well, tuition was kinda boring as usual
EXCEPT that we played chinese chess! it was slow
as in eveyone was worried that we'll lose so we thought real hard and hmm
ended up it was a draw(:
well, then i ate dinner with family.
woah, after eating we just sat there and talk talk talk till like 10.30 la(:
now im home waiting for 1.50pm HBO ED TV
it ends at like 4 in the morning so i hope i can survive
it's a really nice show and the previous time i didnt manage to catch the ending):
well, tml's gonna be a really S.L.A.C.K day cause nothing's on!
i love the feeling waking up and have absolutely NOTHING ON! that's love!
oh, sunday is a good day cause there's CSI marathon on AXN!
i love MIAMI, the endings are always suprising.

monday:free day again

tuesday:hanging out with xian.nat.etc for holloween stuffs
im not trying to act gay/sound gay/be gay but honestly, it's the first ever time i ever celebrated holloween! it's true. i look forward to it though(:

wednesday:whoot, hanging out wid cousins(two bros,vera,dylan,marcus) at VIVOcity! my brother's treating cause he got his paycheque! good, he was thinking of having THE GRUDGE MARATHON! (shakes head) NEVER pls! freaky! though HOTHOT edison chen is in the show!

thursday:piano lesson(takes up my entire day i swear!)

harhar, it's 1.05 now, like 45 more minutes?
sad sad, im watching GOONG from youtube now and i swear it's not interesting at all.
kill me please people, i can never enjoy this show!

opps i gtg now
i love you all

Friday, October 27, 2006

DO NOT blame me for freaking not posting pictures!
cause im using my brother's laptop which sadly doesnt allow me to):

This msg is proudly to POMATO SEOW CHUYING(:

anyway, guess wad, we're gonna be sec3 soon
it's too fast i didnt get to enjoy 2H.
things were bad at first.
we didnt like 2H at all
everyone came from different classes, which sucks.
but unknowingly, we somehow bonded.
bond so strong that it's hard to break):
eveyone was a part of 2H,
doesnt matter wad mean things u said or done, you made 2H

too much thanks to say. (seriously lydee, it's not becauseof the $800 *winks*) harhar, you are a wondeful chairman, not forgetting to say, very smart! i didnt know you at first but you became 2H's veggieFU(: harhar, but u upgraded me&seow to become veggieFU1&2. there's no way am i gonna forget you okayy. love you much

hmm, im not very very close to you but you are very responsible(: (i feel like writing your report card!!) harhar, perhaps cause you're so serious that im kinda scared by you^^ really. im being honest here, nevertheless, you still did a wondeful job as a vicechairman. that's a big hug for you babe(:

AHAH! BOOK ME KAT!!(: heh, you are officially a BOOKER! nah, you're nice! it's nice bonding with you since you are a part of CROSSDRESSERS! (no choice^^, jkjk) i use to think you are a happy0go0lucky girl but it kinda striked me that you do become really serious at times. oh, that A1 we got for geography project was a miricle. SEE KAT, MIRICLE DOES OCCUR. so KAT, chill, i believe you'll do everything successfully cause, YOU RAWK KAT. love

hello mel(: i doubt you'll be reading this but i still wanna say. you are good. HARHAR! it was so happy to know you. really! as in, i use to think you're like very petty and go around booking people. BUT YOU'RE NOT! you are nice. blur. cute. thks for being patient with us VEG. since we're always so noisy in, heh, pissing you off): but you are love! we all love you much MEL, miss you

HELLO DIV(: i realized that you'e not as fierce as you seem to be! and that's cool! cause you're just as funny and naive as any normal person not a grumpy prefect! really! i kinda enjoy talking to you cause you always act along with me and im amused! But, you should be more hard-hearted, dont help yuxi pick up her paper when she drops i one the floor anymore! she's becoming so spoilt!! LOVE you

HI5(: harhar. this funny little chick in 2H. i use to think you're too noisy and loud until i realized that im just as noisy and loud as you! that's cool. muahah! i think your little notebook's cool you know! thks for being so caring and sweet to people in class and to be super uper funny. your jokes never fail to make me laugh(:

(pinches your cheek) aww. yuxibaby(: actually i wasnt really close to you at first till we sat together. and we got really close! it's really nice to know MARCUS TARNIO. yes, he's cute and nice. do not get pissed by me if i pinch your cheeks too often cause it's really cute and CUTE! YES, I'LL PAY UR PLASTIC SURGERY IF THERE'S WRINKLES!! heh. but you're too cute for wrinkles! im gonna miss your naiveness and funny-NESS. and your very weird dreams that doesnt make sense at all! but just wanna tell you, there are times when we get pissed with each other but i still love you(: Quote: AZA AZA FIGHTING *winks* tell your mum she's really nice!

pomato seow pomato seow. loose wanton loose wanton. heyo, what's our next mission? anymore JUICY NEWSS? president of the BLANGADASHEY CLUB! man, all those stupid things we always do and just do it repeatedly over and over again. aww. no more P.E together when we can make fun of u know who? sigh, we cant tell each other gossips bout someone and laugh laugh. (DUNO WHY YOUUUUU {high pitchhh} ) it's really meaningless but somehow we just find it amusing and laugh laugh laugh. cant stop. when i look through my inbox, triciaHBD triciaHBDtriciaHBDtriciaHBD... too many messages. but it's nice. our messages ALWAYS exceed the word limit and be like 3 or 4 messages long! but if u realized,no matter how hard we try to shrink it into the word limit, it's almost impossible. so we'll just send and we'll see the UPDATING MESSAGES UPDATING MESSAGES(: rightt? yea, but i'll always look forward to your messages! oh, our recordbreakin was like 6 messages long. REALLY, it was once when we quarelled and went on explaining and explaining. that was crazy but who cares! dont worry, we can still pop messages to each other, our rantings bout anyone k(: lovelove, sorry to piss u off sometimes but. comeon it's part of life rightt? heh SHOU SHOU DE(:

ah liang ah(: harhar, you ah, very very the blur! YIO CHU KANG SOTONG. heh, sometimes so blur till i cannot believe it. but no choice, when i see your cute little face, have to forgive you lo(: see, i pays to be cute! heh, rmb the first few weeks for school, we keep getting scolded by all teachers! omg, it was so unforgettable la(: though you're like super far away frm us, as in like, six desks away from us, we still talk about you a times! heh, GALE/CURLY/HEIDOUDOU/BK. the FANTASTIC FOUR HUH? (: i'll miss chattimg, yanking, blabbering, crapping bout them. wad naives girls are we. but guess wad, it wont end!(:

sigh, miss talk alot(: gonna miss your chats bout K _ N, T _ O _ A _, J _ S _ A _ etc. it somehow was like, from strangers to like i know bout their character man(: muahah! oh, we always bully yuxibaby but she just give us the cute little smile over and over agian so we just laugh!! harhar! or gossips about everyone on Earth man! sigh, JURASIC PARK!!! heh, remember SHAGGY DOG? sper funny. it's nice sitting at the side of the class with you!!! harhar!

hey bat, you are one nice butt(: yuxi always bully you one ah. (she'll pretend to be talking to you but she'll look at her BUTT. but you know something, it's ver nice knowing you and thks for being so forgiving and always letting me smell your home econs food! i'll miss you alot man bat!

(whines&whines) harhar, though im really angry with you for the slightest reason, but thanks so much SHH letting me copy your homework someimes(: heh heh! and for teaching me cello when i dont know.. anyway, but dont get angry or whine oo easily okayy! you smarty pants and get very high marks for MEP lo. heh.

harhar, your durianmeat cheeks very very cute one! you are one funny little cute cute girl(: though im not like very close to you or something but somehow, i think you're a very nice girl! very glad knowing you though! you'll be missed badly babe!

to be continued...

OH ANON, u freak me out.
who are you??

Sunday, October 22, 2006

okayy, i've like 'billions' of photos to be posted?
and O.C(:
harhar, im now watching O.C.
let me talk about, hmm, let's start on Friday!

well, i skipped school the first few hours for my brother's O levels exam
yea, it was kinda screwed though. trust me, practising piano in a piano room full
with a GENRE of ACS(I) guys is gay.
oh, i saw an MGS teacher there(:
anyway, the exam was really screwed.
then i headed to TREASURY TOWER??? (i think i got it wrong)
harhar, thks goodness i made it on time for that Etiqutte Class.
TRUST ME(those who have not go for it), IT WAS VERY BAD.
the food was bad.
BRING FOOD FOR URSELF! cause they take forever to serve. DAMMIT!
harhar! only the first two dishes PLUS the dessert was good(:
DESSERT: mango mirror(:

muahah, then got home and fell asleep.
met Hil,Xian,Nat,Gis,Charissa at KAP(:
heh, then we went to staff room R.A!!!
it was funny funny
(cant post the pictures+videos now cause im on my bro's laptop)
the end, nothing much already.
until i post my pictures and comment more about it(:

hmm, i woke up early and went out with my mum
i had theory too(:
yeap, at that PRATA HOUSE!
it was yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy
i said yummy SIX TIMES!! it was very very good. BAGUS(:
heh, then i went home and rest awhile.
then got ready for my grandma's birthday dinner(:
good food, good time yeapp(:
pictures up

twice waking up early this weekend(: a record!
anyway, i went to meet my niece(: WE WENT BOWLING
you know something Jinnie! i think im kinda good in bowling!(:
egoistic. very
harhar, veg shall go bowling!!! whoots!
Heh, anyway, i got many many soft toys!! harhar! alot!
now im watching THE O.C!
it's super nice nice nice nice nice nice ( i said six times!)
harhar, Seth&Summer are so cute together lalalalala(:
SETHCOHEN hot shit(:

Thursday, October 19, 2006

i cannot bear to type that O
cause my everything's screwed!
argh. lousy phone leads to screwing up!
i deleted my everything in my phone.
people's birthdays, important dates and EVERYTHING!
everything's gone): that thing important is gone too! sad me):
im stupid! blur! dumb! arghh.
i still haven't get over it yet so pardon my language


well, SOME of u should know wad it is. (YUXI TAUGHT ME)
okayy, i shall relax. oh man! my everything. ass
WHOOPSIE. heh. 生气的人就是这样的!MUAHAHA!
tricia is jealous that i can type chinese so much faster than her(:


lovely wedges which taste VERY GOOD

FUDGE BROWNIE! taste very good

credits:CAFE CARTEL(: number1 restaurant



Kara(: aww. so cute

Nicole so cute(:


Nat. aww.(: so kwet.

No1: YUXI flabby cheeks

we love pinching cheeks(:

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

yea, i know i lied, i didnt really make my blog very alive?
well, im watching THE OC(season1) yes, im slow(:
HARHAR, okayy, im not really enjoying it right now cause
im IN UNIFORM and very sweaty and very full.
i had bread/chocolate/SNACKS actually! i love fats):
muahaha. super random i know.

well, school was nothing actually.
just frigging getting back our reslts and feeling happy/sad.
mostly sad though.
i pisses me off when you get so frigging high and you go like
"ohmygawd, i got so low. im very sad. it's so lousy. im so dissappointed!"
hello? there's someone here who got lower!
maybe cause you think abcdefghijklmnop! iabcdefghateabcdefgyouabcdefgh

well, okayy, i have so many un-loaded pictures!!!):
HEH, im using my brother's laptop now!

hmm, HALF of the class is crazy over GOONG
abit crazy already.

**PS: i watched THE OC till this part when someone got hit for no reason**

oh man, it's super sadd.
well, it's cliche really.
i JUST realized, really, that THE OC is
ORANGE COUNTY.-.- im bad
anyway, you guys wanna know something,
know the nail polish brand VOXY?
it's actually Vanessa Ong Xiang Yun
i swear it's true! i saw it in a magazine in SUPERCUTS.
i was appalled(:

anyways, sometimes i dunno but i feel really depressed over something
tears just come gushing down my eyes for no reason
wad's that something? i dunno. seriously seriously
not that i hate my life or anything but it just happens.
im not trying say anything but yes, i feel that way sometimes.
perhaps im waiting for someone to tell me the way.
if only she just appears and tell me. ):

Saturday, October 14, 2006

i really have lots to say(:
let's continue with the party(:
well, it's saturday now so i do not rmb much,
so i shall just post pictures for you to see


Kara&me(: blurdopes

Class with FLIM(:

DJ in da house YO(:

we're cool.

Lydia&little ones


welcoming mr ONGGG(:

"do i have to do this?" POUTS(:



cold storage rawkss(:

i went to piano and that was all):
thursday is always sad with piano.

i met victoria to 'celebrate' GRACIA's birthday
i had to go quite early though(so does vic) so we gave the presents
hang out and went(: (we were so sick!)
then i had tuition wod BECKS(:
it was normal
OH~! we bought FOUR CAPSULES! two each!
it was uper cute la!!

after that, we watched finish Scary Movie4 in the car
and we headed to Holland V(:
it was okayy, we ate and drank juice
talked and planned for saturday!! whoots!
watching movie!

woke up and watched TV
then i did theory for awhile (psst. i slept for awhile)
then went for theory(: well, it went kinda bad but..
then went for chinese tuition
yeap, it was as usual, not much(:
WHOOTS! met BECKS & watched horrer movie SILK
it was kinad freaky. but the moral of the story was quite touching(:
oh, it's the first movie that i think has ENGLISH/JAP/CHINESE
harhar, quite meaning ful though. now im back home!
GUESS WAD! i got a letter from my SCGS pen-pal!
im happy! she gave me pretty-ful stickers!

i love them! she's a nice girl(:
HEH! she practically made my day man(:
well, my brother's like singing now. -.-
i shall fall asleep soon(:

well, i hope alicia contacts me so it'll be a wonderful day(:

okayy, the next week is a wonderful week
other than the fact that we're getting back our papers):

monday-hanging out iwd VEG(:

perhaps, not that interesting but at least the
vivo&RA part is interesting enough(:
i needa sleep now(:

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Before i even tell you how much fun i had yesterday at the party.
i feel that i HAVE to share my joy with you


okayy, you might not know but it's the No1 selling manga.
im NOT a manga fan but this manga is really exceptional!
it is thrilling everything you can say.

remember that manga i introduced! yeap. it's officially out on 19th Oct!

it's about this notebook which has the ability to make anyone whose name is written in it die of HEART ATTACK. it's cool. then this very smart AND CUTE highschool guy(he's not cute in the show) got it. he aims to 'kill' all the criminals in the world to make this a criminal-free world. but this L who is from the Japan C.S.I is trying to stop him from doing so. but the highschool guy is smart enough to keep L from doing so.

just go watch it.

harhar, to those interested to know how i got it, i smsed in some competition to get it today(: the official release is on 19thOct, im watching it on 17thOct! At vivocityy! omg(: big chairs, big screens! i was just telling the 2Hveg how eager i was about that show and was determined to win it. and POOF. marisa got it(: to all who dont believe it's nice, go this link, some preview of the show.


yesterday after exams(and YES, exams are over!) the party
it was FABULOUS-O! it was a blast.
it was sponsered entirely! it was fun ALL THE WAY(:
i cant believe im saying this but yes


everyone had so much fun! i took billions of pictures and im posting them RIGHT NOW!

Lightsticks&Body tattoos were given(:

we came in one by one(:

FABULOUS prizes up for grabs~

Goodie Bags for all!

YUMMY FOOD! loads of them!

Lovely faces(:



Krithika/Vicky/ME(ignore me)/Bat



Xianwen/Hilary/ME(do not ignore this)/Yuxi/Tricia


Snipshots of GAME1! DRESSING UP!

HuanTing was our LUCKY NO1(:

Tricia picked a cheongsam!!! gassp.

she had to wear it): harhar, she looked quite good in it though HMM.

Michelle&Nicole werent let off!!

Hilary See(: our very kawaii mushroom girl!
P.S:it doesnt look like a cancer patient's hat


Contestant1: Michelle(:

Contestant2:Ong Yern Fen

Contestant3,4&5:Vicky, Bat&Su-lyn






ALL CONTESTANTS(: (chenyuxi looks super cute la)

our WINNER: BIKINI MICHELLE!(: (her bikini's loose!)

to be continued...

im FIFTEEN and happy


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