Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HAHA. since blogger doesnt allow me to post pictures(who knows why)
im gonna use that Picasa thingy my uncle introduced me(:
turns out, it uploads so fast and allow captions and all. gddd
(the link is on my previous post)

school was (recalling) as usual today..
met Ms Lau for teacher-Pupil conference today.
she's nicee and all so good.
then A-maths

(my migrated to China incle just called, he's talking to my dad now
P.S: he's ZHAN HAO's dad. ZHAN HAO!!)

anyway, im starting to like A-maths now.
sitting in front of class is definately a plus cause i
get to ask Mr Yeo question anytimee!
and he HAVE to answer me.
i cant wait for the Logarithms Remedial,
turns out Mr Yeo's a not bad teacher(:
chemistry was SMELLYYY.
especially the freaking chlorine lurh!
i sniffed it SO HARD, it's like stuck in my nose):
wdv, i love Chem prac.

stayed back during recess and went over to YUX class.
she's sooo cute and funny! and she's wuzun-obsessed too!
she was going to have chemistry test later and
there's this Mike He's fan in their class too. cheryl.
a replica of Yuxi except weirder i guess? but still funny.
she sings so loudly like no one's business la.
and MIKE HE is her man. hee.
then i had E-Maths(:
and thks to VERY GENTLE mrs ang, i like it too!
but we had spot-check today.
cause there were contraceptives found in the music room
we're the first class to be checked(cause we're nearest to the canteen) so people frm other class.
must bewareeeeeeee (:

got back MEP.
i got really high for one section and really low for the other.
so my marks are just average only.
quite disappointed by my WORLD MUSIC section.
you know what does this shows?

"if you dont study well for it, you get what you deserve!"
(mocking tone) ):

so im definately going to try harder for the next one.
easy said then done. boooo.
then we had higher chinese,
laoshi was returning us our composition back.
she printed four short stories people in our class wrote.
CHELSEA TAN wrote a beautiful story O__O
i will share with you guys on my next post(: (i promise)
well, it's upon 70 and i actually ALMOST GOT 53/70! (the highest was 54/70)
then lao shi cancelled it to 4*/70!
i swear lao shi gave me really high marks at first then she cancelled it
you know why, she wrote that after reading the
DA GANG thingy our group wrote together,
she decided to give me that mark):
and you know what did she write in the end,


(slap slap slap) ke xi.. omgomgomg.
damn pissed la. i spend so much time on it and
then could actually score so high, then because of this
redundant sentence on our group discussion,
she minused the mark! OOOOOOOO
somemore our group got highest for the group discussion la!
but chelsea definately writes well.

anyway, ensemble was okayy.
time passed faster when i think while playing the cello.
okay, all cellos are like seperated into different groups
and we need to play for Ms Tsien like in the small group!
that freaked me out a little since.
i have to admit im like the lousiest cellist in the whole section.
other than the normal postition, 2nd&4th position.
the rest i'll talk probably 2 seconds(or abit more) to get to that position.
so means i need to practise more!
(i promise i'll make the effort to do so)
but im starting to enjoy ensemble.

i remember last two years, i hated ensemble to the core.
REALLY, i felt that it was so meaningless and stupid!
then im not sure why but after you get hook to a piece,
you'll want to work harder for the next one. and the next. and the next,
it feels really good to be able to catch ALL the note
playing them in tune and on time!
it was like every rehearsal was a performance with audience.
except those alto clef&semi-breves parts which i miss sometimes,
everything is fine(:
so, i guess after a period of time,
it is like a part of you already,
of course, there're boring times when i'll put my head behind the cello
and start falling asleep when the 1st violins are practising.
but im ok with ensemble now.


have you felt like your fren is being such a stuck-up,
you dont want her as your fren but she is your fren.
i bear with it for awhile, just dont make me burst
anyway, i bought lotsa fahrenheit things after ensemble today(:
mostly was for Noelle since she asked me to help her buy.
when i went into the shop, i saw that the A5 stickers were there
so i hurriedly look for WUZUN ones but dont have):
there were hanakimi&fahfenheit ones though!
i called Noelle immediately.
her house had no recieption so she sms-ed me to call her house number..
cause the no she gave me was IN THE MESSAGE.
so i memorised it and dialed it on my phone.

first call, WRONG NUMBER!
second call, WRONG NUMBER!

shtt. i can't memorise for nuts man.
then i was like describing all the posters for her(:
she's so funnyyy. AND SHE LIKES AARON.
in the end i got her

3 posters(hanakimi/aaron/fahrenheit)
2 EZ-link stickers
3 stickers(aaron/hanakimi/fahrenheit)

got myself

1 poster(hanakimi)
2 cards(zaizai)
a pack of photos.

i was deciding whether i should get those photos or not.
i got it in the end(: hehe.
im mad i know.
blame xiao zunzun!


click that link UP there(:

that's where i upload pictures since blogger wont allow me to blog.dont worry, has captions and uploads quite fast. (P.S: NOELLE, you must go see it)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


omg, the wuzun craze is so crazy now.
thks to yuxi, im officially obsessed with wuzun.
okay, i bought some wuzun stuffs yesterdayy.

1.WUZUN glossy poster
2.a pack of photos of them
3.2 EZ-link stickers

i bought two of each so Yuxi can drool over him too!
hehe. cause i spent all my money on them,
i couldnt get anymore. (im going back there soon)
and the people there's really nice and they took down my number.
so im feeling rather excited bout it!
i've decided, im going to go gaga over wuzun already!
like spend abit more on him. (yes, Marisa's mad, she knows)

anyway. i feel good.
i shall talk about todayy
it was rather boring and definately sleepyy.
ok, P.E's definately something worth mentioning.
remember the 'GOLDEN MONKEY'?
yes, she approached me today and talked to me.
i remained calm since i wasnt wrong or wad.
she asked me why i was feeling like so against her and everything

"you are a teacher and we should respect you, that's for sure.
but don't you think that you should at least give us basic courtesy?
making fun of students in class is NOT funny at all.
treating them as jokes, how do you think they feel?
the tone you talk to student, they are like scared of you!"

she looked at me, i smiled.
she began explaining that that was the way she teaches
and claiming that she does not make fun of student at all.
so i just nodded.
remember the incident she made me so pissed?
well, she made me say that it was a misunderstanding
(after all the humiliation and all)
i was really reluctant to admit so, i wanted an apology.
i did not say that out but. you can see it from my face..

in the end, she took out her hand and said," PEACE?"
i gave her that 'NO WAY' look.
then she was like 'not gonna make peace?"
(A BIG SIGH) i shook her hand.

okay, to add to that, she smells of insect repellant.
(pinch my nose)

okayy, really wanna apologise to Ms Lau cause
i was feeling really tired today during the two periods og English
'it wasnt cause your lesson was boring, we were just tired"

and i had fun during piano lesson.
my piano teacher is so good you wont feel pressurised during lesson.
SHE RAWKSSSS(: so im gonna practise hard.
i went home watching hanakimi14 on the bus.
so nice(:
got home receiving LOADS of hongbaos.
it's really good if you mum have like a whole group of frens.
cause she invited them all over today and i have like what

thks so much
cause they just added to my WUZUN FUND!

nowadays no tests and im feeling so slack.
(except occasional outings with frens)
(and going out to hunt for wuzun's stuffs)

happy marisa

i just had a long wuzun chat with noelle onling
i had a cute wuzun talk with yuxi on the phone

Sunday, February 25, 2007

okayy. everyone's home(:
haha. wad a day.

anyway, woke up bath and everything
my dad's fren came over, more hongbaos.
then i had to go for tuition..
wasn't very boring today so good.
came home and packed my messy room(:
then alicia's parents came over first.
Alicia was at some house-warming and coming later..
then my gugu(dad's sister) family came over..

ate yummy food and dammit
they brought their Play Station2 over and poof.
3 straight hours of winning11.
HAHA, this time i wasn't watching >.<
alicia came over and we talked!
well, my uncle introduced me this Picasa Programme.
then you can upload photo and all (fast)
it's quite cool though. hehe

then alicia& i just talked talked till my brother came in and join the talk
O__O haha. so we kinda talked about Maths?!
'kinda' bullied alicia's sister >.<
oh, then just crapped crapped and anderson has the weirdest thing.
they have like,


haha, well, i've heared of OPEN-BOOK TEST/COMMON TEST.
BRING HOME TEST? first thing(: haha.
she's so funnyyy.
then at around 10something alicia had to leave):
we just watched this Mythbuster, my brother's fav show.
suddenly, when my gugu had to leave,
my mum's fren came O.O
haha, i kinda mistook her son for Arthur(my migrated cousin)
but on second thought, maybe not(:
then my cousins left.
it was already like 10:45pm when my mum's fren came.
cause they were gonna leave for China already.
so talked eat chatted munched. then byeee

well, i had fun today.
did you? (:


Saturday, February 24, 2007


that's definately the highlight of the day!


woke up suprisingly early and practise piano(:
then watched SILENCE on the preview channel
omg zaizai's brown hair is so brownn. heh
hehe, then headed to orchard.
well, i got the LIME magazine(front cover:RAIN),
RAIN's NOT the reason why i bought it,
it was ELVIN NG.
hmm, the previous issue of LIME magazine
offered a chance to actually go on a date with Elvin Ng,
me, being like what, 13 years younger than him, was not chosen):
at least the girl who got chosen was really pretty so. ^^
i was like feeling sour-ish when i saw those pictures,
oh man, it's not me): haha. wdv. im gayyy.

anyway, that's NOT the main point lurh..
met Vera and we headed to cine(:
it was chingay night so there were many people
in this chingayyy T-shirt.
hmm, i tried to look for a good album but to nope.
no good album this month..
like most my brother already downloaded so no point buying it again.
so we hang around and i got a top at Heeren(:
i LOVE that top so much, price reasonable, cutee.
we had yummy pepper lunch!!

then we got earrings at Far East Plaza..
well, i didnt see my TOMATOcan shop so boo.
anyway, there was this school performing orchestra.
i was rather impressed cause they played.
sighh, time flies. vera could not go over to cousin's house
cause she had visitors coming):

well, i had a great time with her crapping and whatever nots
so i had fun so guuuuud!
my dad brought me to my cousin's house at the MRT station
and i watched the retelecast of silence(one i watched in the morning)
haha, still as nice(:
had dinner and 3 frigging straight hours of winning11!! omgomg.
plus i wasnt the one playing, I WAS WATCHING!
oh mannn. i wanted to catch the Jap. meteor garden but could not):
so i just meddled with everyones' phone and send songs all over.
cousin Andrew was there too.
just crapped and crapped. till 11:49pm and off we went.
my mum said they're coming over for dinner tml night. (again)
haha, so i'll see my cousins like for the whole weekend.

no photos cause my memory card screwed up on me):
we rawk you know(:
remember MOOHAHA?
i used it in my text and then Gwen starts using it.
then even NOELLE's using it. omgomg!

M.O.O.H.A.H.A (:

so believe me, im gonna make TREBLE CLAF big one day.
YOU WAIT (mike he's smirk)

Friday, February 23, 2007

three cheers to Marisa(:
haha, i finished my homework on a friday night!
honestly, it feels pretty good like you can enjoy your sat&sun.
i highly recomand everyone to do the same thing..
okay, normally i leave every thing till Sunday(night?!) whick sucks!
cause you'll sleep late and be really lethargic already.
so after finishing the homework, i watched THE ROSE.(on dvd)
well, it's so romantic and all it's kinda unbelievable...
actually, it's really not those 'typical shows' really (i said 'really' twice)
perhaps it's rather long winded but the ending is just too perfect
it's the kind of ending yuxi likes, marriage.

hehe, let's talk about school.
today was such a hot and stuffy day (ask Gwen&Yinger)
house meeting was boring as usual except the sec1 batch this year,
IS SERIOUSLY MAD! they cheer so loud it can bring the house down! omg.
really! they just scream shout and everything related to noise.
well, that's actually good cause i see potential MGScreamer HAHA
anyway, im not trying to say anything but i heard some people saying something
during house meeting when we were filling in the forms for interhouse.
which kinda pisses me off cause wth. check out what i heard


okay, i wont comment much, but im really glad it'll be over soon
cause **** **** ** **** ****(:
for goodness sake, just be nice you guys.


well, there're little test left for the next 2 following weeks(:
but i feel that i have not done well for the CA1.
i need to pull up my socks( quoting Ms Tsien&Ms Wendy Ng)
haha, yea, im doing like a wee bit above average for all subjects!
there's like no subject im confident in (which sucks)
i've been rather lazy to be frank so i need to buck up already..
luckily for E-maths which im starting to like it.
i've to do the same thing for A-maths, i need to like this subject!
haha, "our whole higher chinese class failed the test"
i think like the whole sec3 knows about it already!(:
so funny, gossips spread like bushfire!
i hope it doesn't pull our average mark
i love school! (DONT KILL ME!)


im really glad, so with no homework load,
i can shop till i drop!
im surfing bout this shop called TOMATOCAN
and im gonna go there tml.
they have rather nice bags and im gonna get one if it's nice!
and yes i admit that im attraceted to it because of the word TOMATO!
but wdv ok, it's niceee.
haha, plus im gonna get someone's album tml.
well, im still unsure about whose to get.
we shall see, then after that, we'll head to our cousins' house(:
and probably do dunno what till late. HAHA..
and on sunday, i'll mug like crazy i guess.

what a day,
im beggining to feel good and happy
anyway, im not in love or wdv (or maybe a little)
im getting all mushy bcos of THE ROSE(:

Thursday, February 22, 2007

shtt, you know how addictive is it?

VERYYY omgomg!

today was such an amusing day. really.
okay, it was boring since i slept during MEP(:
ms .... is seriously hopeless, really!
well, she was asking what note does the timpani plays.
so trying to be responsive, i said

"ROOTS!" (referring to root position=music)

then she was like

"we're not in biology!" (referring to the plants' roots=biology)

then out of nowhere, tricia wong was like

"i thought roots only in Maths?" (referring to the real ROOTS=maths)

it was so funny lurhh.
i was like laughing like mad, then i went into sleeping mode after that.
im was kinda relieved i got back my MEP test...
i passed it, but i was quite disappointed with it since i expected myself to do better..
sighhh, careless mistakes all over the place!
BOO! then we had H.chinese(:
laoshi 'wanted' to scold us but she didn't in the end!
hehe, she has moodswings, sometimes she's ok, sometimes she's ...

im glad im home again! (:
haha, my ipod's charging now so i think i'll just revise for while.
gtg bb

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ensemble was really bad today.
it was so boring, mr chan just stops us every now& then >.<
dammit, argh, i like all the playing and everything but im impatinet!
im really glad it's over(:
anyway, i like A-maths!
though i didn't do really well for it(thk goodness i passed!)
boo, but Yeo says that people failing now is a common sight,
oh, chemistry was SO boring today. veryvery!
not to mention, chinese was as boring! veryvery!
sighh, i like being home! home sweet home!
honestly, im still in the holiday mood since all my mum's frens
are coming over tml! (means more hongbaos+food+fun)
haha, :D i seriously need to get into the 'studying' mood soon!
but guess what, MARCH HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! omgomg.
so many distractions!! oh,
my cousins are probably coming over on Saturday? FUN again!
oh, and astrid, I LOVE YOUR PRESENT! it was so big and sweet!
i enjoyed carrying it home cause the flower was like, all smiles!(:
how you know i prefer fake flowers to those real (deadly) kinds?
and hilary, thks for all dong-dongs. heehe.
my little cousin(cherie&winnie) came over.
we watched hana kimi together. omg it was so hilarious!
i swear i was laughing so much especially when that
golden hair guy comes out! and yes he's cute tricia
eager to know what my cousin gave me?
i love the scent, the packaging, the colour, the everything!
now i SMELL SO GOOD(: kiddingg.
though i don't really use perfume,
but when i was at the airport some time ago,
i mentioned that i want this perfume so much and
POOF, it's mine nowwww!
it's so classy but i wont say elagant since it's so round O__O
hehe, oh, im still thinking of what to buy with some extra hongbao money.
i was thinking,
but then i wanted to get some really nice tops so HMM.
and do introduce me nice bags, my mum's offering to
get me a bag regardless of the price(let's be resonable)
yeap, as a birthday present for me myself and i!
i use to love the while newurbanmale bag but now im quite over it.
unless one really nice one comes out(:
im gonna bath now
will you hold my hand?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

you won't believe what my cousin got for me! (:

im not gonna tell you first till i receive all my presents yea?
hint hint, it smells!
i randomly mentioned that i liked it and poof.
it's mine!! (: heh. heh.

it's gonna be a short week!
wednesday, thursday friday!
hehe. im kinda high on 'DRUGS' now!
there's like exclamation mark after every sentence!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

hello(: i picture=camwhore post with my cousinVera
haha, started on my brithday 17thFeb

the YUMYUM cake(:

using my phone camera with no flash
(they make our faces shine)


what a green day(:
haha, we played ate gambled(shhh)
btw, from now onwards, all photos will be taken by my phone camera
pardon me for any blurness(:
i've been listening to the HanaKimi soundtrack since forever.
it's just so super nice.
listen to it in bed, in the car, on the computer, eating etc..
i love the songs so much. thk my brother for buying it for me!
just two more days before i reveal how
WINNIE TARNIO looks like!! hehe.
(yuxi:i have a photo of Marcus Tanio, can show?)
and i can show off my Hanakimi soundtrack! (:
i just put lotsa songs into my phone! im happy

Saturday, February 17, 2007


haha, that was so weird.
anyway, today was such a slack-y day..
i woke up in the late morning and just watched TV.
my mum didnt nag at me a single bit:D
i watched The Perfect Man/Shrek2/The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants
ALL ON HBO. my gosh, such nice shows like 3 in a row!
hehe. then my cousin vera called..
we decided to meet earlier before heading to my cousins' for dinner..
we talkd abit and crapped quite alot..
headed to town and shopped abit..
met up with both my brothers awhile then we went off(:
my brother got 2 frigging Zara tops. O__O
looks so simple and normal. cost a bomb. g.o.s.h
wdv, he's obsessed with Zara so. HAHA

i got some gifts then the shops started to close..
we were kinda like Speed-shopping cause they were closing(:
haha, so funny, then we went to my cousins'
HUNGRY. i skipped breakfast since i woke up at 12.
skipped lunch cause my mum was too busy to cook(wooaah)
so i had dinner.. yumyum. steamboat..

we watched TU RAN FAI CAI.
the crappy-yet-funny show(:
haha. the it-turned-out-to-be-a-dream part was damn sucky!
wdv, we laughed quite alot though..
hehe. then we continued to watch some cooking movie starring Jerry Yan.
hothothothotcutecutecute. HAHA

then it was time to cut cake(:
(what cake)
my cake lurhhhh! my birthday okay!
haha, it was kinda akward since we were all grown up.
honestly, when your birthday falls on CNY's eve, it rawks.
you receive HONGBAOS one day earlier! (grinsss)
the cake was good.
i know you guys are expecting pictures but apologies,
my camera's screen broke(LAUGH YOUR HEARTS OUT DYLAN&MARCUS)
that was like the worst thing that happened!
so i have some pictures in my handphone.
I'll upload altogether when CNY ends(:


hehe, im gonna upload pictures of ALL presents after wednesday
since some of my frens are gonna give me on wednesday(:
but can i just mention something?


whoots(: thk him so muchhh. hehe.
im really happy when i saw it and i was grinning from ear to ear!
when i came home(which was just now) i watched the dvd
hehe, how can ella call wuzun XIAO ZUN ZUN!
dammn. XIAO ZUN ZUN lovee
hehe, this year is a happy birthday year(:
i was going around/blog-hopping and im really touched.

thks to all my frens out there.
i love you guys AS MUCH
and you guys are the bestest frens i can ever have too!
i thank God for you guys(:
love you guys so much.

Winnie Tanio says Goodnight to Marcus Tanio.
night night

Friday, February 16, 2007

today was such a funny day/fun day(:
this is really funny but I MUST SAY


today we had social studies and he didn't even teach..
and he was talking all about Korean drams like
how he spent 60 US dollars for the original MR GIRL DVD.
and yes, he bought MY GIRL's soundtrack too..
is it in the seow genes of something huh.
cause potato seow loves my girl AND BOUGHT THE SOUNDTRACK? (:
heee. so funny, turns out Mr Seow's quite funny.
my gosh. then he's watching FULL HOUSE NOW-.-
haha. well, at least time passed really fast during Social Studies?

i miss you so much, i felt that the hug was not enough):
sighh. i miss you so so so so so much bus/blue/BK/curly/puny-mate):
well, the CNY celebrations was madness.(seriously. omg)
oh wait, quoting pomato," ROBIN RAWKS!"
yeaap, the ltc for Total Defence Day was so nicee!
i think they did a terrific job! i was laughing throughout(:

i slept awhile during the CNY concert and when i woke up
my gosh~ but the singing songs part was quite high..
then whoots. headed to orchard with peatan/xian/astrid!

WAIT AND OMG did i mention?

okayy, i won't elaborate cause i'll start feeling really sad!
well, tricia took the bus with us and we were remeniscing the past..
omgomg, i was laughing so hard when we did the KONICHEEWA omgomg.
i miss doing it during P.E..
we would make up random stuffs to pass time.. which was fun!

then PEATAN/ME/XIAN/ASTRID stopped at lidoooo
we watched the EPIC MOVIE.
omgomgomgomgomg sickgrosssadisticlame show ever!
xian&astrid were laughing super loud!
then we walked to cine(:
walked around and took neoprints
(where peatan lost her voice from screaming)

hee. then we went home..
i love just hanging aroud with them(:
talk about everything funny
well, i came home feeling all tired and i slept on the sofa..
sigh, and i took really long to get my contacts out but thk goodness they're out.
and yes i slept from 7 to 11 shtt, that's 5 hours!

hee, well some thank yous to everyone!

you know what chenyuxi got me?
cause it has M sewn on Pooh's shirt!
i love it so much, oh, i placed it right in front of me while i slept(:
so cute, and the cardboard! THK YOU SO MUCH.
and thk you for including wuzun on the board too!
though the tongue one was kinda weird but i still love it!
i will never forget the time we sang WU DING as duets in class so loudly!
oh i miss those times so much.. ZHI YIN WEI NI:D

you know what tricia got me?
fake chocolates! ( if only they were real )
haha, and we managed to trick Nat/Caroline/Valerie/PEATAN.
hee, and that WUZUN BOOKMARK!
thk you so much for telling me his real name GOH KIAT CHUN shhhh
and the fact that me&him have the same blood type.
and his brithday is 10th Oct1980
height is 181cm (taller than JUNKI)
although you uses so much scotchtape? I LOVE IT SO MUCH(:

you know what xianwen got me?
arm rest(: which is a cute little pig
it's glow in the dark somemore(:
im using it now will im typing!
heehee, it'll remind me of you always

you know what Gwen got me?
she got me this ball-like thing..
you know those with like fake snow inside? something like that..
then when you shake it, it's like snowing..
and a cute little scope thingy i think?
hee, you can turn it and the little things will move move..
hee, it's alright cause you train me to be patient Gwen!
so don't worry about me waiting for you always!
i love love you!

and all early birthday wishes and hugs and sms-es!
and those who're gonna give me presents on Wed! (early thk you)
and those who wished me happy birthday IN THEIR HEART.

i can feel it and i thank you guys so much!
i won't be the same without any of you!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

haha, im being so random.

hello all. today was a boring school day
but thk God NO MORE TESTS(:
MEP was suprisingly good since i kinda knew most of the answers..
not talking about the screwed up Timpani question.. O__O
haha. that face up there IS CUTE. someone wrote it in the sms
so now im copying that person (i forgot who but still.. )

Physics was okayy, maybe abit more difficult then i expected?
but im glad i manage to answer all the questions NO BLANKS(:
im so gonna work hard on my physics. hee
well, fire drill today was like the LAMEST thing ever.

NO1. the fire is fake
NO2. it took place for 1 freaking hour
NO3. no teacher was giving instructions!

haha. omg, damn stupid. it was like wasting time though.
well, talking to Tricia.Isabelle.Chelsea.Gwen.Elizebeth etc was nice though.
cause Chelsea wanted 10 kids, so we were like helping her give names to them

2.Man U

and we laugh so muchh when it came to the sperm bank part.
(thks to Mr Seow who told us much about it)
haha, and finding out Isabelle's weird habit was freaky though.. :O
and we had all the boring periods you can think of. ):
i shall not elaborate on that..
sulyn and i were screaming at every girl(girl we know) who walked past our class.
su-lyn will be like," Check it out! great boobs!" (SCREAM)
i joined her and laughed so much(:
su-lyn might be really mean at times but she always make people laugh.
ALWAYS I SAY.. even during higher chinese..

haha, then we had MEP(:
heee, MOST 2H people are there so i enjoyed it..
Yuxi & Xian were being all secretive about my birthday present.
haha, nvm, as long as it's from her, i shall GLADLY accept it(:
thks poopy pomato for giving us a ride down the bus-stop.
so we won't get drenched by the heavy rain.
4 people squeezing at the back of her car. D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R omg
haha, but THKS tricia's MUM (MIKE HE'S SMIRK)
yippie. two more days to my birthday and three more days to CNY.
im already in the chinese new year mood already(:

and OMG, MGS is so mean! we end school at like 1pm.
schools like SJI(according to emmanuel) and Bukit Batok Sec ends at omg 10:20am?
gosh, and we're still gonna have lessons?! what's wrong?
sigh, means i prob can't meet my primary school frens):
sighhhh. nvm, i shall just rejoice since im going out after school tml.





yeap, my besties Astrid/Xian/PEATAN and im so happy.
i haven't been talking to Xian for ages(not counting today)
and Astrid, well i just called her and we have so much to talk about.
PEATAN(: hehe, the veggy i miss most! im really glad to hear that she can make it.
we're gonna catch up and take neoprints(neoprints are NOT for ah lians!) and watch movie!
hee. of course, take lotsa pictures! woohoo. and shop of course!

then i'll head to Meera's house probably.
with the big pool and lotsa food.

what a day, it feels like Dec except it's not(:
shttt. after chinese new year, MEP tests and Social Studies test.
Mrs Chan &Mr Seow, chinese new year ruiners.
haha, but they're nice teacher anyway.
and yes mr seow, IM YOUR SOCIAL STUDIES RAP!
he has been asking the class every single lesson since the first lesson.
till Vicky was like," Why do you keep asking?"
haha. funnny. oh and my class is nice(:
i got a call from Kendra just now and she was real nice about the relay system thing..
haha, turns out, maybe Cheryl and Vivien are nice people. hee.
funny enough to crack me up(:
yeaaaaa. tml's a long day but i shall stay happy.

what a loong and wordy post man.. (:

astrid likes wuzun too.
catch HANA KIMI ON CHANNEL U every weekdays 7pm.

smiles. WU ZUN wishes you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


and i went shopping today.
bought tops&earrings



anyway valentines day in school was love
seriously, like MGS is super fun.
almost everyone got gifts, like more than 5?
yeaaa, and thks yuxi for the heart!
everyone was so envious when they saw it you know(:
thkss love
and NOELLE. my bestest tuition friend
honestly, you're so super sweet!
you guys should see what she gave me,
thks goodness she's obsessed with him(JUST LIKE ME)
i love you noeyyyyyyyyyyyy. you're so sweet!
and to everyone else like Meera/Hilary/Diane/Rebecca/Nicole/PEATAN/Astrid/Ms Lau/Mrs Ang/gwenisha/Natalie and so many many more other lovlies. i just love valentines day!
hee, my birthday's on 17th Feb(:
(giggles) im 15 soon

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

hee. happy valentines day everyone..
im busy preparing stuffs for my frens(:
and yes, 4 more days to MY BIRTHDAY.
i'll be 15 by then. just one more year to NC16 shows. :D
im just really sad it's not a school day cause i can't spend it with my frens):

but it's alrighty cause im probably spending it at my cousins'
since it's CHU YI chinese new year eve? HMMM ^^
hee. the bubble thing is damn nice right? iloveit
uploads fast, and i wont have a looong post of photos.

okayy, im missing ensemble tml cause i have to
accompany my dad's friend to do some shopping.
sounds the weirdest but yess. i can't wait to shop though..
i wanna go check out the shop TOMATOCAN.
my mum's giving me moneyy to shop(:
so hurray to her!

well, logarithms is ok somehow.
over one night, i just somehow understood it..
oh P.S: Mr Heng is ok maybe. EXCEPT HE SNATCHES WKS FROM ME!
wdv. and guess what, there's a golden monkey/monster in our school..
i just find her so amusing cause she is childish.
well, my brother (who doesn't know her) finds her absolutely irritating too!
guess what my brother say," We have no time for such stupid stuffs!"
haha. golden monkey,

YOU CAN'T PISS ME OFF! so just give up child-like she man(:

heee, i use to hate her so much till i found out that,
she's just attracting attention.. (: so old already still act like some child.
even the newest student who came like this year,
actually i was hoping you would be reading my blog,
cause you'll be smiling away right?
yes i know golden monkey.. (pat pat)
Marisa Enjoys Apple Now

my piano teacher is bestest(:
im glad tests tests are gonna be over.
MEP&Physics and i'll be free like a bird. (simile)
omg, i just realize that Social Studies is due on friday.
i better go now..

i feel so happy after this post.

i may not be important to you anymore
but know it, you were never important to me too.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

a week cramped with 5 tests is sickening):
i can't breath.. that's due to piano&cello too..
i need to shop. and im going to so, all smilesss.

plus, i found this really cool website. (u can go check it out)
you just upload all your pictures there,
it comes out as a slideshow and you just paste it on your blog
and POOF, it's here(:
so yeap, photos photos everywhere,
it will be neat neat.
cam-whoring with kids can be so fun.
damn, my mum's nagging(again)

Hil, i'll post those pictures real soon. love

P.S: people have been pissing me off so regularly,
i get so pissed off. DAMN argh.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

have you ever like this song so much you just keep on listening to it?


i figured out what my brother should get me.

Friday, February 09, 2007

please give me one more try for the sake of our love

let's give it one more chance cause i can't give you up

I can't live one more day without you in my arms

i could never find another like you

you dare tell me this song is not touching at all! (:

soo many pictures to post but can't!
thks so su-lyn..
anyway, i almost cried today..
after (sulyn.. thingy) i went to my cousins' house..
yes, the one who's migrating like tml? ):

yes it's ZHAN HAO):

i took like millions of photos with him and he looked as cute as ever..
i need to upload it..
i shall switch to xanga if blogger pisses me off to much,
but i don't know how to put tagboard..
wdv.. ):

i'll miss him so much
please don't forget me.


tml im just gonna take MORE PHOTOS.
so my computer is like bomded with millions of photos not posted.
how nice.. i love tml(:


Thursday, February 08, 2007

turns out you're the corward..

im not sorry for what i say..

what a hectic day. the lecture thing was so super boring.
i was writing my name on a fullscape over and over again. ego wdv
and i fell asleep awhile(: not like im proud of that but no one found it interesting.
moreover, combined lecture with the ascbarker did not make any difference.
like there'll be 2 more this kind of lectures. doomdaysssss. ):
i just reached home late late late.

anyway, today was so booring. i slept during MEP.
something interesting happened during recess though. i find it
haha. well, i won't repeat like an old hag. it's just amusing. amusing.
yea, it's MGS people, what can you expect..
Marisa Ease Any Numb

MEP is so so so boring today. i slept.
im so tired everyday. thks to me
'trying to win fareinheit's stuffs' on the radio,
yea, that's yesterday. i did not win.
hoooray. my brother redeemed JOHN HOON's album for me already.
cheerioooos. two JOHN HOON albums.

watch the 7 o'clock show? damn sweet.
haha, poor little cousin. she likes her cousin but was rejected.
i kinda predict that she'll turn pretty in the last episode and
that HaiFeng guy will start regretting. wdv. im a bad director..
anyway, the kissing scene was abit gross. HAHA. nvm.
it's a nice show anyway. cliche though.
i wanna be a teacher(:
tricia, forget about what creative director. (: HEE.
i can't make up my mind.

tricia: you meano. junki=geishi=floating ghost! you wrote the za bo msg! your handwriting. I CAN NEVER FORGET THOSE FISHBALLSHY HANDWRITING(: anyway, thks so much for promising to buy me wuzun. i shall forgive what you said about him. just get him. thks le hor(:
if not MUSHENG/PARANG/DIE loveee(:
amanda: haha. i took like awhile to figure out what you were talking about. but thks mandy.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. don't worry, you're like so far from her. she's .. (shakes head)

what a day!
i look forward to tml after school.
tuition teacher is teaching. (you wont get it)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

tricia's such a lovely person.
look what she's getting me.

she's such a sweet fren.
(mike he's smirk) (:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

im anti-social(:

hello. my brother's watching hanakimi
(after muchh much persuation from ME)
he said it was quite funny but he's not addicted.
hee, you guys watch the 7 o'clock show on channel8?
today was such a freaking touching episode i cried.
): omg that situ bi can act so well.

anyway, today was a piss-y day.
it happened during PE and my teacher's Ms _ O O (guess whoo)
HAHA. that's wad frens are for. thks sulyn/meera/heidi/gwen
i felt so much better when they comforted me. iloveyouguys.
ask me if you wanna know wad happened?

okayy. i gtg now.
i love my life(:

Monday, February 05, 2007

they say: YEAA right.

i shall not elaborate first cause suspense suspense..
and i just received potato's sms..
she's like super funny funny.
MUSHENG~ PARANG~ last but not least WU ZUN.
hee hee. i cant wait for you know whatt. SHHHH.

this week shall be filled with suprises cause
i love wu zun.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

check out what loongy gave me on my birthday last last year(:
so nice(:

i don't make SENSE..
i make dollars and CENTS


haha, how lame is that..
i quoted it from MTV BOILING POINT..
anyway, i cleaned my room,
and i found really cool stuffs.
check it out..

READ IT! darn funny. (written by PEATAN)

remember this pencil case.
Mr Seow has the blue coloured one. damn gayy~

im a fan of UNIball pens. (P.S:they're empty)

haha. memories. CRAZY memories

hee. lovely moments. (:
i love my camera, cause is makes the neoprint look so big though it's the smallest one.

the $10 soda water tricia and i had at marina mandarin
BA! there're so many many more but blogger just doesnt allow me):
i'll try again!

Friday, February 02, 2007

im packing my room now. (quite successful)
well, except im kinda addicted to THE ROSE show again.
and omg, this is my second time watching yet im still very engrossed.
this time it's partially because of hot guy cause the show is really nice(:
hot guy:huang zhi wei
but still, it's super duper touching...
sigh, if only...



3)be there

all came true, i would really be very happy..
though i hate the feeling of getting all emo,
but it somehow just makes me think back alot...
and i finally realize so much.

and tricia seowww.

hotter than junkiiii.


cute to the core. i.love.him
hee. some really really cute photos that you can squeal over!
(some really weird ones)

it was some really sick murder show (abit of rape) yet his still engrossed.

i thought this photo was nothing till i looked closer.
my brother was trying to take photo of him while he covers with both his hands

he reads book you know. (:

heh, he looks so super cute here, but the hair is abit weird though(:

i swear this is the best photo!
you can see his two cute cute cheeks. RIGHT!

now i see you now i dont(: lovee

im really sad that he's gonna be gone soon):
argh. dammit. he's so gonna forget me already by then.(since he's a child now)
like 5 years later i'll be 15+5=20 omgomg.
im so old already la. i'll miss him to bits.



i was lying on my bed when i see two really lovely soft toys
both were given to me on my birthdays.
i love them.
soft toy1:
from meiyan&tricia&xianwen.
it's still on my bed. well, it always will be(: i love them

soft toy2:
from my brother.
i remember it was because of sylvester sim (s'pore idol1 craze time)
he wanted to buy the smaller one but came home suprisingly with the big big one.
it's still packed in the plastic cause i dont want to dirty it(:

but still.
all i want for christmas my birthday is

i can't believe it's them.
hee, taking bus back with Amanda Soo is so much fun(:
we just laugh and talk and laugh and talk.. (non-stop)
she's such a wonderful fren. lovee
i should go and repair my ipod more often *winks*

yes, repair my ipod. (not)
my ipod has long passed it's warrenty thingy so ):
they wont fix it for me. here's what they said
"might as well buy a new ipod!"
my brother was kinda pissed cause they werent making sense or wdv.
i was too, like, abit pissed.
there's this line across my ipod screen which wont go away.
they told me, it's neither a crack NOR a dead pixel.
hmm. (pissed) (arghh) (sobs)
i should have taken care of my ipod..
i felt kinda regretful i even had the urge to buy another ipod immediately):
mine's ipodvideo(30GB).. it's not bad..
now there's like one 80GB one. but guess what, it's not really very good.
cause it's playback time is only like 6.5hrs? (correct me if im wrong)
well, im waiting for my dad to come home before making any decisions.


today is

2nd Feb2007

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to youuuuu and youuuuu
happy birthday to you(:

what a nice dayy. come to think of it.
I LIKE FRIDAYYY(: short and sweet.
we sang birthday song to michelle for like every single lesson.
hope michelle like the gift we got for her(:
oh, evangeline gave her this nicely decorated board thingy. darn cool.
heeee. then lessons were okayy.
Mrs Seetoh gave us sweets in class and we ate it. yumm.
then ms yang was being really funny. REALLY.
cause we went to the lab to see some experiments thingy.
then she was telling us outside the lab

"Tall girls stand at the front!"

(leaving us with mouth widee open)

"Taller girls stand at the back!"

geddit? HAHA.. i was laughing so hard when she said it.
she was trying to be nice by not saying like SHORT ones stand at the front!! (:
haha, so funnyy.
then the DISC thingy has ended. should i say finally?
well, it was boring to a certain extend but fun too.
i guess mg girls are like that. noisy.sleepy.

i gtg skip now

Thursday, February 01, 2007

no photos again. my brother took the memory card so poof(:
anyway, this is so cooool

are you sleeping are you sleeping
brother john brother john
morning bells are ringing
morning bells are ringing
ding dong bell ding dong bellll

haha, mep is damn funny.
well, today was a rather fast day EXCLUDING MEP(ms tsien teaching)
i was practically not listening but guess what?
ms tsien finally realized that i wasnt a noisy kid anymore
so she allowed me to sit at the back row plus did not even scold me.
HAHA. whoots.
thk goodness man.. you know why?
cause there're noisier people in my class!! xD
so in her class, im almost the most attentive person. (egoist egoistic)
kiddingg. i was not listening i swear..
i was doodling on my homework diary throughout.

caroline/cheryl/vivien were sick. yes, all three.
of they were at the sick bay throughout MEP. woaaah.
when ms tsien went to look for them. (she didnt know they were in the sick bay)
she took like 15 minutes so i used that time wisely and had a nap(:

3M's so nice, cause like almost the whole class was sleeping.

anywayy, chinese was as boring.
lao-shi was being mean(as usual) and i hated it. wdv
you know ying yong wen? the highest in class was like 13?
and not alot of people passed. g.o.s.h..
well, i get 10.5. (not proud of it at all)

well, i realized im a FEB-lover(:
really. FEBRUARY is a nice sweet month.
the way it's spelt, the way it 's read.
february is my birthday/chinese new year/valentines day
i was like telling gwen how much i love feb and she agrees(?)
hee wad a weird me.

well, today i saw those horrigible people again.
people from my (primary)school! omgomgomg.
the bus was already so frigging full and they just dashed in screaming
"can people just move in a-nort ah!" "wa lau la, move in can a-nort!"
i felt like going there and punch them la.
they're like seriously rude and inconsiderate. DAMN IT.
i took a photo of this probably P4 boy who was sitting on the railing! YES RAILING.
where people put their hands! IM SO GONNA POST IT TO SHOW YOU GUYS.
i have a feeling SBS is so gonna complain to the school.

im gonna skip now.
toodlessss love
who wont love him?

bestest song of the week..
watch the music video.
sweet to the core(:

im FIFTEEN and happy


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