Wednesday, January 31, 2007

what a dayyy..
back from ensemble 2.30-5.30..
us, cello players were rather bored since Mr Chan was conducting the violin players more.
so me/tricia/gwen were bored bored bored..
anywayy, im trying to post pictures but to no avail):
oh, those with SCV box, channel1 has some free shows. hee
im like chasing the HANA KAMI show now..
only 11 episodes are up.

i gtg now
toodles noodles

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

FLU): shoo shoo shoo. go away...
sneeze sneeze ah-choo.

omg, i feel so embarrassed...
i was on the bus when i saw this bunch of kids
they're terribly terrible. really..
even i feel sad for them..

they talked about dick/underpants/f*ck/che*by*
i was like super disgusted by what they did.
cause why?
i was from that school.
and yes, my primary school..
i recalled last time, those guys weren't like that..
and the talked about more normal stuffs.
oh man, so many people were staring at them yet they did not stop.

today is the day i get to slack.
finally.. cause there's like almost no homework(:
wait. IM HAVING FLU!! dammit.
i hate flu. like i said, i feel as if i had a nose job done.
it's hard and it's gonna drop off anytime.
woooah, in addition to the two hits by the handball.
omgomgomg. sneezes.



i love you to bits and pieces..
have fun in school and we should catch up real soon.

i cant wait for my birthday

(i realized i haven't been posting pictures, I SHALL SOON)

Monday, January 29, 2007

i hate it when things happen so fast you just cannot take it..
you feel better after you break down and cry.
cry the pain away..
please take care cause we'll be here for you


today was a rather eventful day i guess.
finding out the truth and accepting it was terrible
well, i guess i see life in a different perspective now..
there's alot more things out there which is more serious then,
i can't stand her, i hate her so much.. damn.
sometimes in life, you think it's never going to happen
but think twice, it might happen you know.
it's already too late when it happened.
treasure those you love please..
that's to everyone, every single one.
PLEASE, love your love ones now.
forgive and forget what ever happened..
love them for who they are and not what they do..
one day if you lose them,
you sob and cry but.

dammit. i cant continue already.

P.S: for the sake of you, please treasure everyone you love now.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

seriously, people just go so suddenly.
can you guys please start loving those who're still alive?
XU WEI LUN passed away on Sunday 7:37pm
in a car(truck) accident
she is a taiwaness actress who is very young

i really cant believe it!
i was watching her show not long ago and.. ):
to me, there's no such thing as selfish love.
irony isnt it?
Love is happiness, it is sharing.
selfish love, shoo











i like wu zun.
he's so super cutee.
big eyes, flawless skin, nice smile

he's just too good to be true):

Saturday, January 27, 2007

hello all, today was a boooring (chemistry) day.
just studied chemistry, gettin all my facts rightt(:
well, i did slack abit watching the hanakami show though..
haha, somemore stuffs to go...

anyway, i watched saw three with my brother at night
well, kinda cause it was seriously gross, one of my brother freaked out and went away..
HAHA. omgomgomg. like really sadistic kind of gross..
okayy, it was really dark most of the time cause of the lousy cameraman i think..
so we were kinda straining our ears and stuffs.
that John guy is like sadis i think.
im not sure what happened in the end cause i fell asleep.
whoopsss. haha, when i woke up, my oldest brother was gone already..
the show ended..
it wasnt very good i think..
saw1&2 were so much better.. good plot and actors/actresses
well, most importantly, it wasnt THAT dark..
heh, plot for saw3 was rather weird. i think..

okayy. i just realized that Noelle is going for FARENHEIT's autograph session!!
i wanna go toooo. that WU ZUN guy is super hottttt.
i shall give her an sms later.

Westlife in Leehom's concert(:
shtt. im like obsessed with Westlife's song now..


Friday, January 26, 2007

TO all Lit elective girls in MG:

the following song is THE ROSE, our test question

sang by Westlife

very touching song, please do listen..

indeed, i came back with pictures(:
yeaap. with quite alot but im just gonna post some.

(i better hurry cause SOMEONE is waiting for me)

anyway, went to yinger's concert thingy.
it was quite good, although yinger did not appear alot of times):
well, i met gwen at Plaza sing and i walked around alone.
i realized that the brand Roxy is like banished (or wdv),
now in Splash and Flash(or is it the other way round),
there's like Paul Frank & Emily the dead(?)
haha. i was intending to get a slipper.
a ripcurl one cause curly had one(: HAHA, out of point.
but there was only one old ugly one so nah..

when gwen and i met, we went to Daiso to get flowers.
haha, all the flowers sucked. really.
so we went to get _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'s present. (secret!)
we got this really cute card. really cute..
then we saw soft toy flowers again!
it was really big so we bought it. for yinger(:
it's among me, gwen and tricia.
then we had no time for dinner so. straight to concert.

well, it was raining half way so our shoes were drenched:D
but overall, it was kinda funny..
thks goodness tricia seow could make it. hooray to her mum! kiddingg.
yinger was super excited when she saw us laaaa(:
so nice of her to invite us anywayy.
we took photos and guess who we saw?!


haha, yess from our school...
well i spotted Kelly Kwan first since she was our vice-head prefect.
then KATHLENN popped up(:
heeeeee. i looked like someone Kelly just met.
that's wad Kathleen said.. ???
haha, i have no sisters KAT! NO SISTERS! only TWO FRIGGING BROTHERS(:
heh. then gwen's parents were here,
they were so nice and funny(:
they brought me home safe and sound.
and i had fun on trip back tooo.
Kinny is super cute, she pinches my cheeks so gently, it doesnt hurt:D

photos time..

Rain rain go away. come again another time...

twistttt(: gwen's my favourite fren


spot yinger(:

awww. yinger's so sweeeet.


threesome (:

gwen&yinger *the learner*


it's just something little children have which is sooo adorable
Kinny's one of them(: loveeeee

squeeezed in the cozy cozy car(:
I LOVE YOU GUYS to bitssss.
yes you guys(:

they thought i was the bitch until i told them she was the bitch
then i realized that i AM the bitch.

a short post before i leave for concert(:

well, firstly, get well hilary.
i know you're sick. just rest rest rest during the weekend yea LOVEE
poor hilary.. anyway.

today was a boring day
had lit test. i felt quite good after the test.
it's not the kind of i'm so gonna get an A1 kind of feeling but
more of,"i written everything i wanted to write and i did my best!"


yes, my darlinggg ipodvid
my brother brought it out cause he needed to store two huge movies
since he has like freaking four hours of free periods today. like wth.
hello. why is vj letting them slack so much.
pissed pissed. now im gonna be bored bored bored.
argh. nvm, at least i get to see yinger&gwen later(hopefully pomato XD)

okayy. i shall blog again when i get back
hopefully with pictures..

oh plus. news alert!
my mum said that he wanted to see me badly.(and my brother)
he's the cutest thing ever. hopefully we can meet tml or something.
haha, P.S:he's only a toddler
im kinda sad that he's gonna migrate):
sadsadsad. im gonna cryy
xianwen, cry with me. HAHA kiddingg.

i love him still (cuteeeee)


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

haha, this is to the two cute little girls from 2E(:

the two funny wunny girls who never fail to put a smile on my face(:

though i get really pissed with their cheekiness(kiddingg)

but i'll always be there for them always(:

unless we were like merged together,
i'll never get sick of them.
HAHA. WAD IF we really were merged? (:
haha, the john hoon fanatic and rain fanatic
the seriously cute cheeks girl( PINCH HER CHEEKS)
im super sorry for liking to pinch your cheeks.
like i said, i'll pay to get them back to shape:D
haha, though we always greet each other with the daoo-y look(wink)
still, you're still the little rain-y girl yea?

haha, the fantabulous girls(:
we always have good taste in hot Korean guys (unlike someone above! kiddingg)
haha, we just have so muchhh to talk about yea?
sigh, no walk-to-bus stop gossips anymore):
but haha, your frantic waves everytime u walk past my class..
i never missed you walking pass my class(:
miss you to BITSSS too

haha, the three of us sitting near each other in sec2 really bonded us so much(:
remember to treasure the rest of your frens as much cause it's important yea?

im feeling sick.
let me emphasise,
sleeping at one in the morning for two continuous days,
makes one sick.
not sick like feverish sick but tired-like-mad sick!
reallyy. i shall stop sleeping late cause i can't concentrate during lessons!
like the moment a lesson start, i'll turn and ask Heidi," How many more minutes?"
then Heidi will monotonously tell me,"40 more minutes.."
till she say "5 more minutes!" i'll be half-asleep. reallyy.
and i occasionally fall asleep unknowingly..

like Yeo's A-maths, i fell asleep for a few seconds though.
i recall him saying something about Log though.
which was far easier than indices so i allowed myself to sleep for a teeny weeny while(:
well, chemistry turned out rather enjoyable,
haha, cause we had SPA in class. how funn.
i love SPA now cause i love drawing tables(:
suprisingly, thks to Mr Heng's long explanation.

haha, well, i did not attend Ensemble cause i felt sick.
seriously, like tired-like-mad sick):
in addition, the rain made it worst. AH-chooo.
wdv, im sleeping early tonight! TRY STOPING ME! >(
i haven't watch TV for ages.
haha, not that tv-addict Marisa finally resisted temptation BUT.
my house is still under renovation!
yess, it has been forever!!
so i can only blog, mug and sleep. perfect lifestyle(:
it's alright cause while napping, im loading movies into my ipod.

YESYESYES. you didnt hear wrong,
thks to my favourite fren NOELLEEEEEEEEEEEE!
she's so quiet yet she's so good with computer!
she rawk. guess wad show i loaded.

1)Deathnote anime
2)Malcom in the Middle
3)Jackass Movie

im so gonna watch Saw3 tml on my way to school! whoots.
i swear my brothers have like the coolest show(:
haha, Jackass Movie is sick and funny. ask anyone.
anyway, i use to think 30GB is like alot,
IT's NOT):
my brother's fren has the 80GB ipodvideo(jealous) ahahah.
hee, ipod video's so niceee.

i'll post again

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Noelle is such a cutieee.
i lent her my book and look how well she look care of it?!
heh, i feel so glad(: noelle rawks(:
im super glad i knew her through BusyBees!
hee. she taught me how to put videos into ipod.
though she's not close to me,
she's still my really really good fren!!
(people should learn from her!)
anyway, im at my cousin's house again-.-
cause of some adult stuffs so i shall shut up(:
oh, waiting for my REVENGE post? (dont wait)
turned out, ms Soo ruined it.
HAHA, seriously, i cant play ball.
sorry Charissa and the rest.
and i think it's super funny cause like ms soo mixed us up..
then only me&meera were in the group( farewell sulyn/gwen/heidi)
the rest other than charissa were like strangers.
haha, i was 'kinda' having a bad time till like
everyone started calling like," hey marisa!"
okay, am i the weird one or is it just weird?
cause they were calling me as if i have known them forever.
haha. yess, im anti-social wdvvv.
IM NOT(: heee.
i did save some balls but the rest shall not be mentioned cause DUH i missed-.-
i wanna go watch the arena now.
plus to finish some A-maths):
toodles(thks to Meera)
not to forget,

Monday, January 22, 2007


you guys should thks HILARY C minor why im posting!
haha, i went on my blog and see this crazy little girl tagging
so freaking much about tomato tomato tomato/rain/weird jokes!
i felt that i had to post. HAHA.

hilary probably is going mad cause she misses me too much(:
aww. so sweet! heh, i miss you much too(:
haha, super sorry i cant go home with you nowadays,
thks to my 'lovely' cello welly. -.-
heh, promise after syf we shall go home together more often(:

haha, you guys should really read her tags.
so random yet cute and funny(:
thks anyway lovee

okayy, it's like 11:15 now.
anyways, today was an exhausting day i swear!
my H.chinese teacher was being an ass. REALLY.
i freaking left my textbook in my class and didnt bring it up.
she made my copy the whole KE WEN. WTHHHHHH ):
waste time): you know,
she gave me that," TOO LATE. SO SAD!" look.
haha, wait i was wrong. SHE SAID IT SO LOUDLY!
arghhhh. like," Oh, TOO LATE! SO SAD!" WTHHHHHH):
i use to like H.chinese but now.
i detest the class. (excluding the last year's people)
the last year people were LOVEEE..
everyone was like a whole group.
we didnt bear grudges like HOW WE DO IN THE CLASS NOW.

i hate (let's call her RUNWAY) RUNWAY.
she is a RUNWAY.
who acts like a snobbish brat.
yes, her chinese is good(is it?), but wth,
can she like ...
haha, actually, i dont expect her to do anything good cause,
it's just not her to do so. HAHA.
she says she is being mean to gossip
yet she does it every every time.
blahhhh. you should read sulyn's blog,
haha, her blog is like super straight-forward.

haha, tml is called revenge day people.
if you wanted to stop me,
too late(:
wait for my SATISFIED POST(:
(evil grin)

when you are a bitch,
you are a bitch.
no matter what you say

Saturday, January 20, 2007


im really bored so im blogging(:
oh, and im listening to Jay Chou's song now
which is so nice and touching..
haha, today had been a rather normal day though(:
i woke up real late cause i could not go to my living room anyway
cause they were polishing the floor.
kiddingg. so i was flipping through really old magazines.
and i realized Jessica Alba is like super hot!
so flawness.
HAHA. that was random anyway,
then i did some studying
then went out to look for furnitures(:
then met up with cousins for dinner.
haha,i got my keyboard ruler back.

oh, my mum wen for the teacher parent talk on friday.
she said it was really good cause Ms Lau& MrsAng were good teachers!
haha, oh, she met Gwen's mum(:
heee. good(:

anyway, you know project superstar?
it's a bad show but,
my brother said Darren had bad character so let's hope he wont win the title!
(evil laugh)
im a mean person! MUAHAHA

look, it's the let it shine casts..

haha, i've ben thinking alot nowadays.
i try and try to think it that way but
you keep on appearing.
i have friends.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


i was suppose to post this post like at 12 nidnight(so im like the first one to post)
but when i got home on like 19thJan, the computer was gone):
cause they were polishing the floor for the whole house.
so im here at my cousins' house..
HAHA. i already got this post ready at 18th Jan okayy!
with all the pictures ready! 13 altogether!!

SULYN, i'll get the pictures of David Corletto when my computer is up ok? (:
haha. hottie

isnt the card nice nice nice?


happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you... (go out of tune) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUU.

i love you guys so much!
sooo much always

it's John Hoon's birthday in two days time(:

20th Jan! haha, wdv but i cant wait for that day! HMM. i wonder what will he be doing? haha. if only i could celebrate with him. which is never.

anyway, i did my social studies and essay.
accomplished marisa accomplished marisa.
haha, my birthday is three days after Valentines day.
im already saving up for Valentines day already!
heh. i cant wait. i have to be innovative
haha. for the whole veggies and frens i love!
oh man. too many pictures too little time.

P.S: do i really have to post the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9&10 pictures?


haha. whoots.
yesterday, after string ensemble,
i went to Kallang straight away to meet my brother plus two cousins(Marcus&Dylan)
haha. i was the only one in school uniform! BOO.
Dylan was suppose to be in school uniform.
we took a cab to Singapore Indoor Stadium..
there were quite alot of people cladded in school uniform!
haha, worst, there had consent forms!!!

haha. Slingers VS Melbourne Tigers!

the VERY expensive food. BOOOO.

Mustard with Chilli.

look at the super cute Harvey Norman 'balloon'

the Slinger's Merlion!! cute

many many people!!
they were warming up..
Red: Slingers Blue: Melbourne Tigers

damn cool!
FREE THROW(: cool?

deep in thoughts(: haha

Slingers were not bad you know!!(:
HAHA. the COOL kid(:
yes, they won):

see that guy left of the picture in jerseys, damn hot.
His name is David Corletto(:
i took many pictures of him.
but i shall not torture you with all his pictures.
leave it for me myself and i!
(i took a photo of him tying shoelace!)

im FIFTEEN and happy


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