Monday, July 31, 2006

i love this song(:

i realized that many people tried/attempted to tag me but failed
due to that irritating flashbox
i hereby apologise!(:
so, i've changed frm flashbox TO chatterbox

okayy, anyway, today was quite a hectic day(:
harhar, well walking up to school wid lovely jinnie has become a habit!
she always always waits for me cause i take the later bus.
anyway, devotions was led by 2M!
i have to say, evan was so super pro in drums(: damn cool!
didnt know xinting could play the electric guitar but it was good too! heh
meiyan was leading but she was like silent all along..
as in she didnt talk?
i expected her to like pray or something? (:
it was enjoyable! heh
guess wad, 2H's doing the next one.
but well, most of the 'jobs' are taken up so, i shall see them perform WELL

didnt know we had like ART exam
as in most of us didnt know that art exam's are like STARTING? omg
hah! but mr ong was quite lenient and stuffs so it was okayy(:
i was super suprised cause i did like abit of mindmap stuffs and mr ong was like
"hmm.. HMM.. HMM.. interesting!(: u can start."
HARHAR! it was super funny la(:
but yea.

life science was kinda screwed.
we, or some of us took our own sweet time to get to the science lab,
and yes, i was one of them):
AND, she only had one period yet she DRAGGED till like after recess
which makes TWO PERIODS):

oOo. guess wad!?
TRICIA got highest for physics! whoots!
harhar! physics was okayy la..
nth interesting to be mentioned.

then when it was flim's period, she actually gave us like 20 mins to eat?
it was like, so kind of her(:
harhar!, then the 2Hveggies practically ZOOMED down to the canteen la!

we're hungry people ya know!*winks*

then chinese was boring..):
other than the fact that there were so many lame stuffs and all

anyway, after school, me&hil went to print out the geo&lit
i went home and had DURIANS(:
heh, then i slacked ..

something happened.
im so worried.
omg. im freaking out!
God bless her pls
take care of her!!! ah

**there's no cello lessons, smile!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Earrings craze!

rose(: so red and fresh!

love the buttons!

should i get them??

Saturday, July 29, 2006

i saw this and was suprised! O:

Maids are hazard!

tell me bout it!):
argh im super pissed




Friday, July 28, 2006

i've been blog visiting many random people's blog
i realized something weird
u know flooble chatterbox, they show the IP number.
so it's kinda weird cause one fren can post like

jane:i miss you alot mary(: harhar! nice blog! I.P no:342.121.21


anon:f*ck off you idiot I.P no:342.121.21

and they have the same IP number!!.
i dont get it,
dont you find it weird?
hmm, i dunno(: it kinda ruin the frenship huh?
it's just something i've been thinking about(:

Posting RANDOM photos of anyone(:

MEP concert(: hungry people!!

i seriously think that tricia look especially good in this photo(:

Tricia-.- harhar!

can u see Nicole? SO CUTE(:

aww. so cute. KAT&ANDREE!!

i didnt post the jumping photo cause-.- NG NG! (:

Failed jumps NG NG! (:

gosh how cute little yuxi look!

okayy, how's the feeling when my parents are not home




well, i feel accomplished cause i managed to submit the history poster
harhar! slack cause i watched FREAKY FRIDAY(xw lent me) & Mars on youtube which is like always going away so im worried:)
anyway, the house feels so empty but at least i get to do stuffs my mum seriously wont allow?! bleah~

anyway, it happened AGAIN! i was watching halfway and it disappeared! u might be able to access but later, it's gonna go away! how pissing! SEE! oh, look at the history columne, yea yea, im crazy i know but, nvm!

i going to tuition wid becks later. hoots to meeting her, boo to missing love at zero degree:( nvm. guess wad, my brother's gonna be out till night. my mum's gonna kill him if she finds out..

Thursday, July 27, 2006

my parents are gone!

harhar! i called, xianwen, meiyan, jinnie to get the no. to hail a cab

xianwen-dun know
meiyan-dun know
jinnie-nv answer phone

meiyan, sorry to slam the phone cause i was in a hurry or should i say,
MY PARENTS are in a hurry, they were like rushing like crazy la!
so, now im like multi-tasking

1.you tubing(finish DEVILBESIDEYOU le, now MARS)
2.snacking(OREO+some curry)
3.scratching my head
4.E-learning stuffs

harhar-.- interesting...
anyway, i love the show LOVE AT ZERO DEGREE!
im so glad cause even NOELLE think that ELVIN NG's cute!
thks goodness there's someone who appreciates cute guys!
unfortunately, i'll be missing the show today cause i've tuition:(

i seriously want ruien to go wid elvin ng, there're cute couple
bleah, it's just a show marisa-.-
okayy, i gtg back to my curry wid bread


funny right?
but JOAKIM's still cute:)

hello people!

the latest craze(in marisa's world)
thks to my SHIFU hilary see, i've learnt to make strawHEARTS
(the colors are not like in a pattern, i dunno how to stick them nicely:()
unfortunately in quite an ugly way cause i've not mastered it yet
BUT still-.- it's kinda nice..
well, my mum bought like TWO BIGG packets of them
so i can make hearts while FLIM blabbers bout TKAM:)
guess wad, my mum&dad's going on holiday!
IM FREE like a bird:):)
anyway, they're going to THAILAND, shopping
mu mum better bring me back LOADS and LOADS of presents!

im going to tuition soon.
liang, TUITION:)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i got this off cecelia's blog:)

1. time of starting this?

2. Were you named after anyone?
-i doubt so cause there's a Marisa's who's a pornstar-.-

3. Do you wish on stars?

4. When did you last cry?
-yesterday night:(

5. What is your fav meat?

6. What is your embarrassing CD on your shelf?
-heh, im quite proud of all of them?!

7. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
-such a question!:) maybe? not

8. Are you a daredevil?
-i doubt so

9. How do you release anger?
-i tear paper and just listen to the radio

10. Where is your second home?
-my dearest MG where all my frens are:)

11. Do you trust others easily?
-honestly, no

12. What was your fav toy as a child?
-some winnie the pooh soft toy

13. What subject in school do you think is totally useless?
-GRAMMAR! hello, no one's like listening!!

14. Do you use sarcarsm alot?
-whoopie yes:)

15. Have you been in a mosh pit?
-wad's that

16. What do you look for in a guy/girl?
-humble&not very goodlooking:) JONATHAN!!

17. Would you bungee jump?
-heh, perhaps

18. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
-nOope! so ma fan!

19. What's your fav ice cream flavour?

20. What is your fav colour.
-RED is the new black!:)

21. What is your least fav thing.
-loneliness&backstabbers like her

22. no question. just take a break....
-breath in breath out

23. What do you miss most right now?
-thursday?(dun laugh xianwen!)

24. What are you listening to now?
-WATCHing devil beside you:)

25. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

26. What is the weather right now?
-breezy? dunno

27. Last person you talked to on the phone?
-some anon person

28. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
-their face:)

29. no question again.
-breath out breath in

30. How are you today?
-how am i? i feel good.not

31. Fav drink?
-latest craze, GREEN TEA!

32. Fav alcoholic drink?
-definately beer

33. Natural hair colour?
-black PLUS white:)

34. Wear contacts?
-yea:) loving them

35. Eye colour?

36. Siblings?
-two older brothers who are frigging irritating

37. Fav month

38. Last movie you watched.
-Pirate of the Carribean 2, sorry i fell asleep:(

39. Fav food.
-all snacks! *licks lips)

40. Fav day of the year.
-17th Feb, do i have to say why?

41. Have you ever been too shy to ask some1 out?
-erm. i have the rights to remain silent rightt?

42. Scary movies or happy endings?
-HAPPY pls!

43. Summer or winter?

44. Hugs or kisses?
-hugs of course. cuddle

45. Do you want your friends to write back?
-eh DUH?

46. Who is most likely to respond?
-doesnt matter

47. Who is least likely to respond?
-doesnt matter

48. What book/magazine are you reading?
-S'pore idol mag

49. What's on your mouse pad?
-that yes93.3fm mousepad i won past year:)

50. What did you watch on TV last night?
-Love at zero degree! ELVIN NG I LOVE YOU!

51. Fav smell?

52. Do you regret after breaking up with some1?
-hmm i have the rights to remain silent!

53. time of finishing?
i took like 15 mins? -.-

Nicholas Louise Jeremiah:)

heh, that's how he define happy


that's his finger okayy!


1.Higher Chinese 综合填空 和 理解测验
2.School Quiz Rules1,2,3
3.Target Heart Rate
4.Life Science-More about Micro-organism
5.Greenhouse Effect

7.Heat & it's effect

pls tag me if i missed out any:)

hello people!
i've uploaded so many photos already:)
yea! still have many many neoprints to upload!
those that HIL helped me scanned.
oh, those S'pore idol photos too.
but they're like seriously overdue so im not gonna upload them
anyway, im still E-learning.
it's so aimless, as i've already told xianwen.
honestly, im STILL devilbesideyou-ing
as in im still watching the show.. whoops
i shall blog again soon

bye my love
get lost. i like it like that:)

The MEP concert

our little baby YUXI:) aww..

i took a photo!! whoops! (wad's happening on stage)

YUXI&me:) love her


OoO, we pierced, can u see it(one on top!)

Hil pierced like me too!

omg,. look at chenyuxi! heh, i shall buy her the sweet someday

some past pictures..

before the concert

the MC of the day


look at the canteen, there's like a JAP store

peek into the classroom

Hwachong choir-.-

Mama Mia:)

after the concert..

heh, my frenn!

CHOCOLATE FONDUE after the concert!!

hate my brother
piano tml
cello lessons coming up
school's starting on monday!
E-learning assignments!
cant upload photos

no school till monday
thursday tuition tml:)
saturday going downtowneast to 'work' wid SPH people

looks like i should be sad, not happy:(
oh man! my life's so depressing
it's fated i guess?

just watched S'pore Idol.

E-learning week:)

uh huh
no school for three consecutive days
five if you count saturday&sundays:)

to someone i wanna kill:)

i've had enough of that wadever shit u gave me already, there's a limit to everything so im giving up on you. im sure i'll be happy of without you cause i feel as good with the rest.(without you) stop being the selfish you anymore, there wont be much around u no more. i hate you for being you. dont fake it just because u think it's good, i've had enough shit. sorry for being crude. just because you're not the centre of attention doesnt mean u can give me that damn freaking attitude. all you think is about yourself, how good you are, how good you look in front of the rest. not me alone, we all are sick and tired of you already. pls, get out of my life and be wadever u dream of being. i hate you.

sorry for being so crude&sadistic

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

hello im in computer lab now project work
the nj thingy has been so crazy
i shall not say much

anyway, today was the MALU-EST day
after the puny incident, i've been sitting on the first few sits on the bus
then afdsjhkadjfs i missed my stop
i've been repeating itt too much that i really cant bother to typing

oh man i HAD the mood to blog but now im totally not in the mood
devil beside you has been such a temptation
but it's over already since ive finished the show already:)

tricia switched off her computer SWITCH
since her weird computer hanged and was stucked on her blog
but when she switched it on, the screen's still ON HER BLOG!
but im still loving MIKE AS USUAL

guess wad,

im going to Singapore Idol today

Sunday, July 16, 2006

hello people!
im currently in school now wid xian wen who's editing her MEP piece
im so tired and pissed
the musical thingy has been really really irritating and im giving up
i shall go only for the opening&founders' day.
the musical thingy's like throughout the night which i cant make it so:(
i mean, it's kinda impossible for me to do so, so why not just quit rather than make mrs chan pissed wid me?
yea, im a quitter:)

oh man, i was scolded in the morning today!
by my very very very reasonable mother!
cos i had to develop some photos today so i used the computer till like 2 in the morning
my mum was so pissed that in the morning, she wasnt willing to bring me to school
i was super pissed cause she told me like 7.50am? (school starts at 7.20)
i was SO SO SO SO pissed i decided to take a taxi
but my mum brought me to school in the end
duh, she lectured me terribly
she's like pressurising herself over weird stuffs which pisses me off ALOT!

anyway, enough of those saddening&pissing stuffs le!
oh, i went to my cousin house yesterday:)
yeap, zhan hao was there
ate, watched scarymovie4
it is the stuppidest show ever okayy!
it's sicklamestupidboringmeaninglessnotfunny
harhar! such a wasteoftime!
anyway, it was super funny cause my cousins& my bro were playing WORMS
i announce the most lamest game in the world!
but it's super funny cause u can even POKE worms into the sea and they die:)

oh, believe it or not,
a sec4 guy carrying a 2yearsold baby boy to do cartwheel!
it's so super scary yet funny!
that sec4 guy's my bro & the 2yearsold baby boy is my baby cousin ZHAN HAO
heh! zhan hao's seriously the most enthusiastic baby i've ever seen

okayy, hi&ruth are here, i gotta get going:)
im going sunshine place to develop the 90 photos

im sick and tired of my life
giving up on everything
hating everything around me
sick and tired of lectures

Friday, July 14, 2006



i hate it when new characters come into a new episode
they were so super happy then some woman/man comes in and ruin them
omg man i hate it man! i really wanna see the ending man!
ahahahahah! i an die, somemore it's splitted into like 8 pieces?

8 x 9 =72

72 minutes per episode!
i need to know wad's the ending desparately!
harhar! it's like 2 o
clovk now and i need to get ready soon!
to pick that pomato man! harhar!

14 - 8 = 6

oh six more episodes!

im gonna grow up and go taiwan and look for MIKE HE personally and
hug him and
take photo wid him and
get his signature and
talk to him and
have dinner with him and
pinch his cheeks and

ahahah!:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
sorry people especially sec2H's veggies cause i keep asking them
"should i buy devil beside you?"
"mike he's super cutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecutecute!"
"hello people, ive been watching devil beside you."

i dunwan people to get into them la! aiyo aiyo aiyo aiyo
it is so weird i tell you!

love leads to laughter
love leads to pain
you by my side i feel good times again
never have i felt this feeling before

marisa's here AGAIN-.-
im still watching DEVIL BESIDE YOU again(on youtube)
im at episode 8 now
tell you ah, it's soo complicating i tell you

people get together, then some people come out and break them up
it's same for every show i tell you
you'll be watching the show and worrying wad's gonna happen and then u'll freak out
it's always like this one

harhar! but i somehow really enjoy watching it...
oh man, in other words, it's


sigh, but i need a computer to watch DEVIL BESIDE YOU
cause my mum ALWAYS lock the computer room, my bro's laptop is my last resort
but then other than those above, i cant watch.
oh, MAGICAL LOVE is the next show im watching
aww, there's piano competitiaon ml!
at 11.05am and im seriously hating it
i have to say, i screwed up the previous competition

screwed up = stop halfway and never play!!! darn malu!!!!!!

hello everyone
it's been long since i blogged:)
i really need to talk about ad happened on friday! (for some reasonS)

okayy, in the morning, we had dedication service
it was super boring, hot, dirty
we had to wait so super long before they come out and this girl kept playing piano to entertain us
she played qite well:)
anyway, i was so super glad that is was over!
then we had chinese lesson

it sucks!

i really am irritated
we presented out projet which is like 80 marks??
wth, we were given only like 1o minutes! hello rebelious pig?! wake up!
im so pissed la, we couldnt even finish our project!
pomato's group also, ALTHOUGH they were left wid SOME slides only
come on! it's so unresonable la!
what's the problem wid her now?
she was so nice and all and now she's SHIT!
oh man! fsj;lfsdflnk;sank;sank;dfank;ldfs

then we had PE, we were late for like 15 minutes and ms soo didnt scold! whoots!
anyway, PE was nice yet not nice.
cause we were playing against 2G
i mean, half of their class are really nice people but half of the people are like so sdfaj;lfalj
benchball was fun!

it is a fact! we rawk!

sec2H is like so super cool la! harhar!:)
anyway, then it was recess, we had ice-cream!
then i went up to class to do maths
then ah, we played HANGMAN!
to win hil's BANANA CAKE!
stoopid pomato! ENRICHING!!! wdv:) so fun

heh, history was super boring
MATHS! guess wad mrs chen was like,"marisa, i wanna praise you!"
harhar! she's okayy la, but just abit boring sometimes la! heh
values ed, we presented DRACULA!:) went on quite smoothly!
then we did some lame stuffs im too tired to write!
there's the parent trap on cinemax laer, i shall watch it now
im multi-tasking
harhar! so fun:)

my plan later
:eat lunch
:finish parent trap
:play piano
:go balmora<-sp to meet pomato
:so somerset MRT
:meet yuxi/hil to plazasing
:take neos
:go the DURAIN to watch the stoopid opera

how interesting! bleah~ my mum's out to cut hair
so im free:)

HIL, i'll teach u verbally harhar! :) heh!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

dont blame me,




'princess hug'?? (stated in the show)


oh man! hottt~

damn frigging cute

oh man~

calling each other?

should i or should i not buy DEVIL BESIDE YOU?
im at episode seven now! :(

im FIFTEEN and happy


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