Thursday, August 31, 2006

ACEs day was cancelled(:
the celebration was super good!
i was wondering how come so many were late for school^^
whoots. anyway, after assembly, it was class time.
harhar. i love class time.
we changed to our pirates 'costumes'
me.xian.hil.yuxi.gwen.yinger. seow
went to the third floor boys' toilet to change.
it was okayy till this computer guy came in!
we thought we could just apologise and leave but he
scolded us>: spoilt my day!
seriously, he didnt even want to use the toilet. GOSH

anyway, then we went to the hall for celebrations.
it was really nice(:
especially the part seeing those teachers wear MG uniform..
HAHAHAHAH mr ong&mr seow! funny
then after celebrations, we went to give the teachers stuffs.
the staffrom was very very very very crowded.

astrid lim!

Astridlim! thinking 'he's' hot(: whoops!


whoops, flash! sry):

perfect shot(:


patrick&astrid astrid look so sad..):

three lovely backs(:

uodia<-sp my esemble fren(:

Kara&I she's cutteeeee.(:

meiyan&I i'll miss her alot lovee

kara being bullied.. MUAHAHA!!

Kara(scared) and Yuxi(fierce) (:

nicole(: wid her durian cheeks


prim and proper yuxi

whoops, perhaps not THAT prim(:

then we went back to class to take photos.
i didnt take much though. ): cause i wasnt in the camera mood(:

we were dismissed at 12noon.
so hil,yuxi,xian accompanied me to my old school(: (lovely trios)
i seriously love them three(: always so nice
hmm, i miss peihwa):
so many memories.. happy, sad, wonderful, funny.
when i got there, i saw yuxin(:
oh, im so happy to see jaslyn&fiona!!!!
though we didnt get to say much stuffs):
hmm. then i went into the staff room

Hil get spas in my school's staffroom(:

i went to see mrs han.
it was kinda akward cause im not really close to her.
then Sherie, my very very good fren called me

Sherie&I trouble makers(:

haha, i miss her sooo much. she still look as pretty though
im so sorry zhiyi i didnt recognise you(: SORRY!!!
but you're always loved by me(:

Zhiyi& I

oh, i saw ONG TING YONG&emmanuel


remember? harhar! damn funny.
just super sad i didnt see huang puey han):
i remember him cause he's damn nice
especially the smiley face stickers he always give in our journals
although i remember me&sherie always get into trouble with him
i didnt see him in TWO consecutive years): that's sad.
anyway, they said that he got 'cooler' AHAH
funny. then i was 'chased' by the lovely trios to go eat.
so i had to leave SADLY): aww.

we went to Bukit Timah Plaza to eat!
pizza hut hut hut hut hut yum yum
but bad bad bad bad bad service):
harhar! the food was good, especially eating wid the lovely trios(:

pizza is sizzling hot.

let us celebrate for the pizza!! four hands=four hearts(:

tell us how you feel hil(:

Yuxi trying hard to eat MINE

xianwen get's hungryy

yummy soup

mummy say i cant drink anymore soup NO!

that's it! i took forever to upload these photos! harhar!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

im in the library now

tricia: ladeedah i am happy, i love rooofy!!

okayy, tricia guest blogged a sentence-.-
school was like this lo. nothing interesting.
harhar, anyway, we're(hil,tricia,xian,me) are sitting in a circle.
cause the library's computer is like

TRICIA:why do you like eating so much


(again)TRICIA:why do you like eating so much

XIANWEN:cause it's nice, food is gUUUd

that was super randomm.
anyway, i was saying, the computer was in a cricle..
interesting. though the library's computer's good, it's really slow-.-
harhar, i still need to pee on tricia for walking away..
blah blah! im hungry! wad shall i eat later?
have string esemble later... sdafklj;fsdaklj;
okayy, im going blog hopping now(:


Monday, August 28, 2006




damn funny. harhar!

hello, im in school now(:
no cello lesson today.
so im staying back to

im so super pissed wid xian wen.
she's the anon who tagged my blog saying it's

ugly! nvm, i forgive her.
she promised that she wont do it again..
so i shall be nice and forgive her.. be good okay xian wen.(: good girl

har, i gtg now/ BB

Sunday, August 27, 2006

i lovve yesterday!
it was so fun.(:

i shall start from 3:00pm;
i went out earlier cause i made tricia waited for 1hr the previous time.
oh, i didnt know that SCGS was soo far from MGS.
met tricia after her favourite tuition and we went to cine.


it was so messy but there were many stuffs though
tricia was practically like going to ALL stores looking for stuffs.
i bought a earring. (realized i said A. cause i didnt buy it in a pair)
it's nice. then tricia bought a top.
i totally regret it la! as in, cause my A earring was 5 bucks!
tricia's top was 6. it was actually 8 but she said.

"Can i bargain for this shirt?"

and that girl made it 6?! osdfs i should have said these words! ):
blah. then tricia bought her first ever dangling earrings!
for a begginer, it looks fab. but.. harhar! ask hilary(:
anyway. we just hang around then went to cine.
since i needed to pee desparately!!(erm, since before the lime flea)
the queue was so long we went to the handicap toilet, sry.
harhar, the people before us took like

FOREVER to pee la!

but i, proudly took only, 15 seconds to pee! (:
tricia was trying on her top after me, and she too, took

FOREVER. learn from me potato.

anyway, we took neoprints(: (11 bucks)
it was super cool. (: yeeps
though it was kinda screwed, we had fun.
oh, there were some girls in KIMONO. so weird la.
yea yea, it's a birthday present from hil,xian,me.
sigh, from a


harhar, tricia knows why ah.
i bought a random top. for the pirate day
it was kinda simple but i like it alot.(:
there's a reason behind it and i doubt tricia knows(:(:(:
oh, we then went to meet hilary at initially pepper lunch to ramen
the noodles was not very nice but the tomato(as in food, not me) was fab.
heh, then we rushed to SCH(singapore conference hall) for the concert.
it was actually quite nice.
harhar, our condeuctor, MR CHAN was performing,
he was like full wid expression.

1)someone died
2)he was gonna kill someone
3)he just ran 2.4km
4)he was playing some game
5)he wanted to jump down the stage
6)he could not breath

he was seriously FULL OF EMOTIONS.
harhar, damn hilarious la.
but it was undoubtingly very good.
better than that tooty erhu guy.
oh, only 3 people from 2I came. blah
hmm. then me, hil, xian walked to the MRT station.
(my camera's in the room. shall i go there just to post e pictures i took?)
harhar, i know im super lazy/

BUT i went to get it anyway.(:

tricia twohill(:

okayy, im going for dinner now. b.

Friday, August 25, 2006

im in the school's computer lab now..
waiting for the very slow hilary to print out stuffs.
okayy, im kinda irritated cause the spacebar's spoilt and i need to BANG it):
anyway, it's like 3:24pm now and i'll reach home at like 4 somthing.
bath, watch tv and wait for my mum to come home.. OH, eat too. random.
anyway, mrs chen just taught me maths just now.
cause i was kinda confused with one question..
she's kinda nice actually although she's fierce abit.. sigh,mathsdifficult<-SEE! spacebar spoilt!


harhar, she's taking her own sweet time.. harhar! no use one.. i shall be niceand wait
oh, values ed was boring.. i actually paid tosleep!?

im a cheek pincher!
TRICIA->20cents per pinch
YUXI->10cents per pinch
YUXI->100MILLION to cut her cheeks!!!

harhar! weird. hilary's finally done!
FINALLY! okayy, i better get going!!!


Thursday, August 24, 2006

im in the library now(: cool and cold.
harhar! i just had PE and it was realli funny.

i(goalkeeper) threw the football to tricia seow, and she caught the ball.
notice i said caught cause she used her hand-.-

someone threw the ball at yuxi and it hit her *toot* then she was like 'rubbing it'

if someone were to video tape the game we played, it wont be under sports, it'll be under COMEDY. serious! i was like laughing throughout la!
anyway, i miss 1E, Sandra+CHelsea just gave me a hersheys. they're always very nice.
it's history later and im gonna fall asleep as usual. sry 'MATHILDA'
anyway, i cant wait to get home to slack
the go for tuition wid BECKS(: whoots.
anyway, i think someone took a photo of my back. HAHA,
i acted cool and not turn and they're like giggling away, PS:they're sec1.
haha, naive people.. anyway, it's 11;25 now,
i better get going cause im still in my PE attire



for a short period of time.

haha, after the life science&phyics test, i can breath.
seriously, the memorising thing was terrible.
i shall not reveal how bad i will be doing for those tests):
anyway, piano's so tiring. i just finished grade7 and my teacher's pressurizing me grade8.

"you better practise more, u're far from done!"

): sobs.
anyway, yyuxi's so funny,
i pay her 10cents to pince her cheeks ten times(: muahaha
(P.S: i wont be paying her)
after school she was so funny la, i borrowed 50cents from her
cause i was broke but i didnt use it in the end so i returned her.
but she was like,

"Dont return me first, i like you to owe me money,
i wanna feel like a loanshark"

she's super cute(:
anyway, chinese lesson was so sad!
cause lao shi was totally BIAS towards china people,
so she started blabbering stuffs. till the whole class was PISSED!
i think hilary almost cried):
i felt really sad for her.. i thought of a teachers' day prezent for her!


bye zhuzhu! grr.. oh man.
nvm, thinking of it makes my blood BOILS! ><
for goodness sake lao shi!

anyway, today is thursday
the day when im always looking forward to
but not today, i've got nothing. pathetic
curly curly sad sad bye bye

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i live in a BEAUTIFUL world
with beautiful parents
with beautiful brothers
with beautiful frens
with beautiful things
with beautiful lifestyle

stop ruining it.
finding the truth was suprised.
but wad the hell is wrong wid you.
i hate you for

i have a wonderful life so just be jealous and not ruin it!
stay out of my world you ass.

some people close to you can be the one hurting you
be careful.

Monday, August 21, 2006

gwen is beside me now(:
we're having computer lesson now which is very boring.
i've not done anything yet...

tricia is very very cranky.
she just get piss so easily that pisses me off!
ask everyone!! i told her sulyn's password and she was not grateful
but she practically got pissed AGAIN! jkhjksdfhkljhklj

nvm, back here, yesterday i practised cello.. hmm..
bored. there's cello lessons today..-.- dont look forward to it.
anyway, it's gonna be recess soon..

gwen's gonna accompany me to practise cello later(: how sweet of her!

we are very scared

Sunday, August 20, 2006

i love this show(: it's on AXN and it's super good.

DR House~
the smart ass(:

DR Cameron~
she's very pretty(: and she's in love wid that man up there.. heh

DR Chase~
he's really good looking in that show although i hate him in UPTOWN GIRLS harhar!

watch this show! it's super nice!!!

carisser:harhar! thks! thks for taggin!(:
anon: u sound familiar! who are you??
cec: harhar! loong story(: thks for taggin babe!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

How do I get through one night without you If I had to live without you What kind of life would that be
Ooh I, I need you in my arms
Need you to hold
You're my world, my heart, my soul
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away
everything good in my life
And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breath without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live
Without you,there would be no sun in my sky

There would be no love in my life
There would be no world left for me
And I.... Baby,
I don't know what I would do
I'd be lost if I lost you
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away

everything real in my life

And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breath without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything
Need you with me
Baby, cause you know that your
everything good in my life
And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breath without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breath without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I
How do I
Oh, how do I live

im too depressed to talk

i'll miss you alot

bye bye

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

2H has a class blog(:


it was done by VICKY..
yahoo! it was done so nicely! lovevicky
harhar! anyway, yesterday was okayy..
after string esemble which was normal, my mum brought me to 'change'
the adidas bag she bought since i didnt really like that particular colour..
guess wad happaned in the end?

she changed into this blue one for my brother so, there goes my bag!!
i went home, ate dinner and ate DURIAN!! yum! D24(:(:
anyway, then i studied maths for a teeny weeny bit and watched S'pore Idol!

Hady: Judges said he sang well. but i think he's too ambitious! seriously, he's not a rocker so he should be himself and not overdo it..

(wait, Nokia is not equal to Nookie!)

Joakim: why did he chooe that song? no climax.. IM A BELIEVERRR!! -.-

Jasmine: She's my bro's fren so i shant comment cause im biass! but judges said that she sang well(:

Mathilda: oOo. vocally good but she's so aggressive!!!

Paultwohill: they said he improved but im bored of him already.

Nurul: no commentss..

Jonathan: EYELINER? oh, and! he's getting ugly! sorry

S'pore Idol is getting boring each week. it's just about someone getting out and stuffs. if not of jasmine who's my brother's fren, i dont care..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


amanda: harhar! i shall send u via e-mail(attachment)
russell: yea rus, i love you! harhar! u better love me too!! <3<3
xinying: harhar! thks for tagging! heard that u're gonna finish ur exams le! MEET UP!! heh! talk talk
kara: harhar! BEN's good looking! u are a NINE-O'CLOCK FREAK! hoots!
tricia: nanny's over already so (sticks out tongue) harhar! so i wont be watching that boring show SRY!!
xianwen: harhar! i shall! but u should get a blog u know!!! (:
kara: harhar! hello! i know i made u tag
jinnie: harhar! whoops! YAOOOO.
rebekah: yeap! i see u tag! good girl! harhar! lovelove!

project work is screwed bye

Monday, August 14, 2006

today was serously the slackiest day ever.


it might look boring but guess wad we did


then we have recess later



harhar, gwen is beside me watching me type every single word and she's laughing like a mad woman.. i find her really weird.. let's get her to talk to us(:

ok im so not laughing like a mad woman XD (marisa:she's giggling in between..aiyo) hmmph ^^ (marisa: gwen's really really weird.. HARHAR! she was like, how do you do that face?)

im in school now(:
english period and obvious im not doing wad im suppose to do?
nvm, she just said that she wanted it to be handed in on friday. slack
anyway, i've been watching some nice shows nowadays

1. Harriet the Spy HBOfamily
2. Save the last dance Channel U
3. small men.big men Channel 8
5. C.S.I axn
6. Glass Shoe Channel U

it's very addictive. all of them(:
HOUSE is a very nice show, im making tricia watch!!!
harhar! okayy.

i think i mentioned it but im gonna say it again.
BEN's cute

he's on the cover of i-weekly!! yahoo

thank you angel for the colourful hersheys. iloveit!
i owe my angel a chocolate! BUY IT TML!!! ahah!

Friday, August 11, 2006

okayy, im home(:
school was super boring seriously.
as in hil went to golf
xian wasnt in school cause????? (was there a reason?)
so the 2Hveggie's kinda screwed):

jinnie didnt tell me that she was going to school earlier
cause she had to run 2.4km.
so i was panicking whether i should wait for her(her hp was off!)
harhar! but it doesn't matter(:

anyway, PE was atrocious!! !! !!
yuxi was sick so it was left wid
tricia & me.
and with that terrible ms soo, P.E's screwed.

after school. i saw my brother on the bus wid his frens
so when i alighted, i didnt bother to check if he was alighting..
so i went home
actually leaving him to sleep on the bus!! hurhur
i dont understand why can people sleep in the bus so soundly??
hmm (deep in thoughts)
nvm, he wasnt exactly pissed at me though

oh, after that, i slept.
i was sticky all over cause had PE in the morning
i woke up real late and then went for tuition
harhar! i love friday tuition(: (cause rebekah's thereXD)
sigh, now im home.

oh, dont blame me for not posting pictures cause blogger doesnt allow me to do so! they tell me it's posted
but when i click DONE, it doesnt show up so dont blame me ah!(:
okayy, i've been thinking much.

1.i found a loong lost cousin wid the EXACT SAME BIRTHDATE AS ME
2.will someone tell me where's Bukit View? omg

wait, that's only two(:
i've been sms-ing pomato.
we've been crapping much

Thursday, August 10, 2006

i cant bring myself to blog much.
im kinda sad, xianwen knows why):
i dunno, perhaps it'll kinda 'mark' the ending of everything?
shutup marisa):

anyway, i woke up at like 10 today.
practised the piano and just slack.
oh i finished my art(:
i just realized that my art sucked shtt.
my drawings are like so childish like some 7yearold kid drew it
mr ong's gonna give me realli low marks and im very sure.
but at least i handed in?
avinash<-sp called and asked whether i could like go for a movie hello? it was like 10 something? duh i couldnt make it since i had piano later(: harhar, somemore such a short notice. hurhur anyway, went for piano lesson. it was bad. my teacher gave me a FRESH NEW piece and she wants me to be able to play it on sundy like to the rest of the people. wth? i most probably screw it. anyway, i came home and updated my ipod songs since they're like super old. then went for chinese tuition. my 2nd last lesson noelle couldnt make it so i was alone. in my dreamland. i kept folding hearts and was listening to my ipod in one ear. wrote the compo and was the first to leave(: wait.. ): nvm, rahimah got out. so unpredictable man. nvm of course, thks to xw for the live broadcast(: it was greatly appreciated. lovelove
got home and just slack.

i watched the 9 o'clock show
and zhangyaodong's kinda hot(:
oh, that ben guy's kinda cute(:

but elvin's still the best

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

(blogger always make me pissed!)
yesterday, national day celebration in school was so boring
actually, it sucked.
the programmes were shtty.
perhaps the FORUM part was kinda fun?
sulyn should be up there hello?? (:
anyway, i was thinking, there should be a

(original sound track)

isnt it cool? like all the national days' song piled up in an album!
im so gonna buy it!

it ended early like at 9+ so
xianwen,hilary,tricia,yuxi,ME cabbed all the way to cine(:
it was so super early like practically empty except some SBC girls who got there like super fast.. heh
anyway, we bought tickets for CLICK. 11.25am
then we just sat on the high stolls and slack+talk.

hmm, everyone's changing phone!
and it's driving me nuts!
i can only change like one month later. pissed

Hil's, Yuxi's, Tricia's phone
it's a nice phone but i doubt im gonna get that one.


then we got hungry! heh, so we settled at foodcourt.

yuxi gets cute(:

she did watever i asked her to do(: THAT'S MY YUXI!lovelove

then we sat in front of a WHOLE ROW of capsules.

wondering wad to get wid our coins.
i got one PLUTO one(: heh! cute!
anyway, we ate then got ready for the show CLICK.
maxine and some SBC girls sat in front of us(:
triciahwam&shaojean came to sit beside us(:
the show was funny yet sad. quite UNpractical though.. heh

dog humping a duck is stupid!

anyway, after the show, we waked around. oOo.

we went IDOL CRAZY!! (:

(loads of photos wid idols but i cant post now??
blogger doesnt allow me)

trust me, we looked really weird smiling wid cardboard idols.
there were some people sitting like in front looking at us being weird
harhar, who cares, but dont u think it looks REALLY REAL? omg

well, i can feel their presence(: (: (:

anyway, i went to borders to meet rebekah(:
wid xianwen&hilary.
hang around wid becks then i had to go.
wait, borders getting COOLER each day!
there's like some kind of machine u just scan the tag and they'll play the song! cool huh?
(picture of it)
went back wid hilary(:
i was making her suck out this tidbits which obviously, she failed?(:
heh, then i got the thing frm my fren at woodlands MRT station.
im loving it! although it gets dirty easily but it's nice(:
(picture of it)
HEH! then i my mum brought me home from the MRT station(:
i didnt do much hmk and just watched tv):
harhar! oO, i watched SAW again!
it was kinda sad cause i prefer



ALIVE IN A DARK ROOM wid dead people!(:

sigh, anyway, my dad asked us(bro&i) to go watch a movie at like 10.50?
wad's wrong wid him?? (:
heh, anyway, i didnt go in the end cause he wanted to watch like
SEE NO EVIL which is sadly NC16?
sigh. he quickly booked the tickets and waited for my older bro to get home
sigh, so i just laid on my bed and rot): nvm

i think i fell asleep.. harhar

woke up at like 8 something today and watched HBO
it was this show called HARRIET E SPY..
a damn touching show! lovving it!
then i fell asleep again! harhar!
oh, i did some of my art, played the piano, theory! heh
then now my dad's like watching the national day show. harhar!

oh, i cant post pictures now. cause there's
cant believe it's still on on national day la.. but gd!
my mum's at malaysia. so im kinda free!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Chiansiang singing Wilbur's song(:

Singing Twin's song

Lian Ai ING(:




love at zero degree. im starting to miss it..


LOOK, my baby cousin!! omg


im FIFTEEN and happy


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