Sunday, December 31, 2006


muahaha it's gonna be a new new start for me marisa and i(:
yea.. no more rubbish from me. (i think)
but anyway, i still feel unfocused.

do you guys feel that way too?

it's alright. im in my world wondering aloud.

motivation of the year(:

im starting to like you more and more like never before.
that's you


john hoon's name in Korean(:


that's to my bestest fren
that's to my CORN
that's to my bus pal
that's to my Blue fren
that's to my talking fren
that's to my gossip-to fren
that's to my know-ALOT fren
that's to my smart fren
that's to my GOING-TO-NJ fren
that's to my 1E fren
that's to my loveeee fren
that's to my cuddly huggable fren
that's to my I-WILL-MISS-SO-MUCH fren
that's to my 'youngest' fren

miss me loads cause i will miss you much

hello.. lemme see six and a half hour to cool 2007(:
7, my family's FAVOURITE number!!

okayy. today's countdown's gonna be not very special.
going to cousins house and talk eat play
it's bad cause zhanhao(the cutest thing ever) is not back from Taiwan):
moreover, Aunt Jenny might not come.

anyways. fingers crossed i'll enjoy it..
well, im really sad cause the girls' talk was cancelled):
okayy. 'good' start for 2007.
but no one's fault i know: D
well well well..

okayy. i finished watching Malcom in the Middle!
like very funny!. muahahah.
kinda like my greatest achievement for 2006(like real)
anyway, i NEED to watch Deathnote2!
desperate woman here breathing..

maybe on monday.
first movie of the year..
so funny. like
i sms someone and say
"Hey, let's watch Deathnote2 next year(:"
haha. doesnt matter cause im cold
oh. wait!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

okay. i finished the other book(the one with the hot guy)
comments time(:

it is a very bad book.
okayy. that was abit too crude.
but honestly, the ending was really stupid.
cause like i said, a girl dressed up as a guy and merged into a guy school.
then in the end, she still dressed up as a guy and merged into a guy school

YES (for goodness sake)

she wasnt dicovered by any except that hot guy!

arent you pissed?
yesterday night, i was at the last few pages.
feeling that this love story is going to end so sweetly,
i leave it to today morning,
and guessed wad happened?
they give me such a lousy ugly eww-y NOT-romantic boring

wdvwdv, im on to my next book my girl(:
all my frens say that show is wonderful,
haha. the book better be nice if nott....
P.S: it's two thick books long okayy. i really dont want to waste my time
like i did for the previous one :D

today is the happy happy day.
i look forward to the happy happy day
happy happy day is today(:

i care no more bout the who.


Yes no maybe?
I don't know?
Can you repeat the question!!
You're not the boss of me now

you're not the boss of me now
you're not the boss of me now and

you're not so big
You're not the boss of me now
you're not the boss of me now
you're not the boss of me now and
you're not so big


-Malcom in the Middle
(best comedy)

more photos.

A random girl in my Tour Group(:

she's so cute(:

she loves posing!!

SEEE! muahaha!(: (See the bear on her pants, I GAVE HER!)

cutest kid

did Sylvester made those? who knows!(:


Leehom acts earlier than Jay Chou! FACE IT!

Rain!!! yuxi's favourite!!

haha. this's to Marcus. Doreamon lover.

Chicken BUTT! nice shit!

they feed Snake BABY RATS!!


they have millions of assecories.
which cost expensive

it's not TOO good when you get to use internet for a freaking long period of time):
you tend to keep on blogging crap and people get bored of it(: MUAHAHA

anyway. im talking to Kara now online(:
she's like the funniest woman who talks so funnily.
btw, we're talking about HER cheeks!!!
muahaha. SEEE! i told ya!

anyway, im gonna post some pictures now
like 'artistic' photos which MIGHT make you laugh:D


Addidas gift box(: coolio

He gets high when we're drinking Sprite with Vodka(: muahaha

vodka plus sprite

Green M&M's are really hot there!!

Oyster Potato Chips!!

Spongey Bob in Chinese . VERY CUTE

This boy is hopeless.. muahaha wad a 'nice' sit.

they didnt know we were taking the photo!
both of them have their mouth open! MUAHAHA

Friday, December 29, 2006


like the emo post, poopy potato can still cheer me up with that funny tag :D
HAHA. she's such a funny bubbly woman!
anyway, tomorrow is the last day of 2006.
unlike most, i wont list down the stuffs worth remembering in 2006
cause i'll start getting emo again.

*that's my brother* :) muahaha

anyway, i read books.
and i am very satisfied with it cause i learnt ALOT!
it's a book (IN CHINESE) called Bump Off Lover = Ai4 Sha1 17

it was a serial show starring Angela Chang..
my dad decided that since school was starting and im HALF banned from TV.
books would take up most of my spare time i guess(:
okayy. back to the book, im good..
cause i finished the book in like only 2 days!!
it is a mystery book about a pair of twin sisters...
one of the twin sister was murdered so the mystery continue..
and you know, the truth just unfolds and unfolds as i turn the page.
(leaving me really appalled and suprised)
the true devil is the angel??
i dont know, in religion wise i wont say much:D
but in real life. that's how it works i guess?
i dont know,

angels get jealous too! angels have the right to fight for love too! angels can hate people like devils too!

but there are things angel shouldn't do,
angels do not hurt their love ones! angels do not snatch from others! angels love one another!

last but never the least,

okayy. looked how emo i got again..
the book is love.
you know yesterday night,
i was ALMOST finishing the book..
but i got scared.

like REALLY scared till i did not dare to look around!!!
cause everytime i think of wad is happening in the book,
i picture it in my mind..

seriously, this book is very nice,
i love the ending :D warm and satisfying(:

so now im on the next book.

*P.S: the guy on the left is damn goodlooking
let you have a better and cleared look of him:D
he's 181cm. tall and charming. MUAHAHA

okayy. anyway, im not even halfway through the book
so i cant reveal my 'love' for this book yet..
but up till now, i think it wont be as nice as the BUMP OFF LOVER.
plus one mystery, one love story. muahaha.
anyway, it's about this girl..
she dressed as a guy to get inside an ALL-GUYS school because she
wants to be close to her Yi1 Jian4 Zhong1 Qin2 guy, (the one on top)..
well, i promise i'll talk more about it when i finish it(:

after this book i'll be reading My Girl(:
heh. sigh. i read too fast..
i didnt 'savour' or 'digest' the book well):
heh. i didnt know CHINESE story book can be super addictive
im gonna buy more of this kind of books i swear.
no matter how expensive it can get(:

before i leave. im leaving one photo





Thursday, December 28, 2006

Right now, there's alot of things going through my mind..
im not sure about whether i am doing the right thing but
somehow im not that well about it.
i need to focus.. seriously.

i am demanding i know.
but when i recall wad happened when we were young
i miss those times and at the same time regret.
regret not loving those moments but let it past so fast):
im sorry that now i've changed to become someone who was different from last time
but now that i am standing here, i need you(:

i hate me for being me
for being mean
for being silly

im not the perfect one you know...
dont put high hopes on me cause you'll be disappointed
i dont want it to end so fast so im doing the wrong thing
sorry for telling a lie.
letting you feel happy and down at the same time
i am an avioder. i am

do you know im scared on the inside?
putting on a happy face was all an act.
i have no on to turn to..
i need someone.

that was to different people in my heart.
people who'll never get to see it ):
i hate this feeling i swear.

is everyone really happy?
cause if they're not, why cant they show it?
so i would not feel as if im the only one who need love.
im selfish for being demanding .
i hate it. but cant help it.
maybe im just jealous and naive.

im still wondering whether i should blog cause there's like 8 whole days to talk about
and im busy blog hopping and going on friendster(as usual)


getting to Taipei(:
we could not get Singapore Airlines cause this Eva Airlines gives us one day extra in Taipei

cool REALLY BIG HERSHEY'S i saw at the airport..
it was super big(:
we already started shopping in the airport already!
haha. i bought pink smarties which i dunno whether it taste good cause i havent tried it yet
grabbed magazine SEVENTEEN to read on the airplane(:
but i ended up sleeping on the airplane!
i was like waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping):
which was really bad cause hmm. it's uncomfortable i guess??

we put our stuffs in the hotel and went out shopping(:
at 101 xi men ding!

look at the really HUGE neoprint shop!
so cool! hello, it's 3 fricking storiesss!!

That's not all you know,
they have like so so so many THIS(look below) kind of machines!

and not forgetting to say, it is kinda easy to catch them
UNLIKE SINGAPORE KINDS.. which is so hard to get!!
muahaha! plus they have the cutest one

so many many righttt!! seowww

Then we went to eat snacks(: MUAHAHA
we had Ah Zong Mian Xian...

it was like so full that you cant breath ahh..
we manage to get some bowls of noodles(:
it taste so super good okayy.
the noodle is soft and YOU WONT NEED TO BITE!
the soup is sticky and have like vinegar taste..
but it's so yummy you wont mind the vinegar smell

after the yum yum noodles,
someone bought this drink for us(:
it is the best drink ever in the whole wide world!
it's strawberry and you can even taste the bits of strawberry in it!
it's sweet with a little tinge of sourness but still it's sweet sweet

okayy end of day one. im gonna post day2 next(:

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

okayy. im leaving for Taiwan tml so im trying to get MOST photos on my blog..
my brother went to get a new camera with my neighbour(yes, the one going to taiwan with us)
haha. the reasons why i need a new camera:

the screen is so small even my phone's screen is bigger than it! (ah. dont laugh!)
it's only 6.(something) mega pixel when mosts have like woah 7,8,9 mega pixel
plus the battery span of my camera is screwed

HAHA. hee. (:
i know it's gay and not hip at all but.
i seriously look forward to go taiwan cause meeting those singers/actors/actresses
on the streets is almost undeniable!

P.S: that's wad my brother's fren said! He met David Tao in 7-11 and \he saw Jay Chou walking down the street

okayy. i dont know how true is it but nevertheless
im gonna be prepared at all times
oh, you know the full-time ah beng aka singer Alan Luo who happens to be quite hot??
he's gonna be at Taibei 101 on 24thDec.
and yes, im gonna be there!(:

that's about it.
miss me much k?
cause i do so

kara:HELLO KARA(: you cheeks are missed so much by my hands! *winks* LOVEE
vera.priscilla: AHEM. you too! looking forward to hear some stuffs..
tricia: WADDDD.. everyone's learning also rightt. im not a copycat(:(: heh. yeapp. he's 36, lives in Cosa Nostra, have wife and baby, tried all kind of drugs before and hot(:
Astrid: REALLY! that i didnt know! haha(: but he's still mine astrid(: WO DE OK!
Yuxi: YES DUH! HE'S ALBUM IS SO GOOD!! I LOVE ALL THE SONGS! haha. stay faithful to shingoon? he's so tall and ugl.
Yuxi: YES IT'S ART OF MUSIC AND NOT HOUSE OF MUSIC!! HAHA. you funny little cute litle girl(: loveee


He attempted to be Wilber Pan

P.S:that capsule is a basketball.. -.-

He attempted to be L

and he fails terribly cause he's smilinggg!!!??

this is exactly how L holds the handphone(:

He attempted to be John Hoon

my my.. and he fails(:

He attempted to be ZAIZAI


im FIFTEEN and happy


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